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Can you check to see if your dilated at homeURGENT?

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Phone your doctor IMMEDIATELY or go straight to the hospital or at least a clinic. Only they can tell you if you are dialated. In most cases the water breaks (you'll sure know it) and babies can be born very quickly. If you feel the baby is coming call your emergency # because the ambulance attendances can certainly help to deliver your baby enroute to hospital. Good luck hon.

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How would one known if their pupils are dilated?

One will know if one's pupils are dilated if one can no longer see through their eyes clearly. One can check with eye doctors to confirm if one's pupils are dilated.

How do midwives check how dilated you are?

They stick their fingers inside the vagina and see how many fingers that fit in the cervix.

I am 37 weeks and 2 cm dilated?

Go and see the doctor or hospital.

If your aorta is is mildly dilated 4cm is this bad?

worse than normal but as you say mildly dilated. keep up with yearly or every 2 year echocardiograms (with the gel and wand on your chest) to keep up with it... to see if it turns into moderately dilated aorta... then if it gets to severely dilated your Dr. may recommend a surgical intervention

How do you know if you have dilated?


What could someone be doing if you see their eyes are dilated and their eyes are red?

SmokinG some weeD

If your pupils are not dilated what are they?

The opposite of dilated pupils is constricted pupils.

My eyes were dilated can you go swimming?

Can you swim after my eyes were dilated

What does 50 percent dilated mean?

Dilated means made wider of larger, so 50% dilated is 50% larger

What happens when Pelvicalyceal system is not dilated?

What happens when psychedelically system is not dilated

What is a dilated bile duct?

It essentially is a duct that has been dilated by iodine.

How many cm is fully dilated?

10 cm is fully dilated

Why pupil dilated when you are frightened?

The better to see that which is frightening you. In emergency situations, you want to be as well informed as possible.

What does the medical term dilated mean?

Dilated means that a tubular structure has had its diameter increased.

What are dilated eyes?

When the pupils become large, the term for this is dilated pupils. (Some people just say "dilated eyes", although this isn't a precise way to conceptualize it.)

Does dilated pupils mean they are large or small?

Dilated pupils are large. Constricted pupils are small.

Are dogs excited when there eyes are dilated?

Yes... or no. Dilated pupils either signify excitement or fear.

What is the longest you can be dilated before you go into labor?

you can be dilated for months before you actually go into labor.

What are the release dates for Dilated - 2010?

Dilated - 2010 was released on: USA: May 2010

How do you find out if your dilated?

The midwife or doctor will check for dilation. They will put two fingers into the vagina and feel for the opening of the cervix. They will then determine how many fingers will fit inside the opening of the cervix. One finger equals one cm. Once you are 10cm, you are dilated enough to birth the baby.

Does the baby drop before you can be dilated?

ANSWER The baby must drop before you can be dilated because he/she is the one who stimulates it.

Does getting your eyes dilated by a doctor hurt?

ill tell you tomorrow im getting mine dilated!

Elongated superficial dilated veins are called?

Elongated superficial dilated veins, are called Varicose veins.

What are the ratings and certificates for Dilated - 2010?

Dilated - 2010 is rated/received certificates of: Singapore:NC-16

i can check to see if iwas approve.?

i can check to see if i was approve