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Can you claim a dependent that don't receive child support money and will that affect dependent from not receiving child support money?


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Claiming a dependent is not dependent on the child support issue but rather on the amount of time the child spends with each parent.

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If you receive state benefits, the state child support agency will contact you for information about the non-custodial parent. This is to ensure that the NCP reimburses the State, to the extent that s/he is able, for medical and other benefits it pays on the child's behalf. If you are receiving cash assistance (TANF), the State will retain the child support to reimburse for that expense.

No, a new marriage has no affect on child support obligations.

In general, the parent or guardian with the most parenting time is eligible to receive child support from the non-custodial parent. You do not need to be the child's biological parent to receive child support.

The independent variable may - or may not - affect the dependent variable. But the dependent doe not affect the independent.

They receive federal matching funds for child support enforcement, as to refusing to do so could affect getting that money.

If the custodial parent is on any public assistance he or she must attempt to collect financial support from the non custodial parent or they will be disqualified for public aid.

your or your current husband income (probably) wont affect the child support.the child's fathers income will though.

Depends on how long the visit is. But if the father is the non-custodial parent in this case, then he will have to pay child support on this child. Different states vary in their laws. But typically a "visit" will not affect child support.

yes, because dependent variable is made by independent variable

the dependent variable changes based on the independent variable

Sometimes, not always. If you are receiving SSI, widow or widower's benefits, your marriage may affect your benefit. If you receive retirement or Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) benefits, your marriage will not affect your benefit. SSI benefits If you get married, your spouse's income and resources may affect your eligibility. If you and your spouse are on SSI, the benefit you receive will change from an individual rate to a couple rate.

It's more like the other way around. If the child's RSDI benefit is based on the obligor's SSA account, it is considered child support. If that benefit exceeds the amount ordered for child support, the obligor does not owe any additional payment.

The type of variable that responds to the dependent variable is called the independent variable.

Yes, though it may affect the amount of SSI the child is receiving as it comes from that parent's SS account.

Explain the issues which affect and support team work with parents

That is dependent on state law and the view of the judge. In many states, not even a biological child would affect it.

It is the relationship between dependent andindependent classes. Any change in the independent class will affect the states of the dependent class

When you are in receipt of disability living allowance or DLA as it is also known you will also be on another state benefit such as income support or invalidity benefit and when you receive the money from the life insurance upon which you are waiting you will need to contact your local benefit section of the dhss to inform them of the extra money which you have received as it is by law that you signed a document when you made your application for the state benefit that you agreed to contact them should your circumstances change as will be the case for you and if the ammount of money which you receive is above a certain ammount then yes it could well affect your ammount of either income support or invalidity benefit but as long as you are still qualified to receive one of these benefits even if the ammount drops drastically as long as you receive something on one of these then your disability living allowance will not be affected and you do not have to imform the DLA benefit office of your windfall unless it affects your eligibility for receiving income support or invalidity benefit in which case you need to notify the DLA section of the dhss that your state benefit has been stopped and then because you are not receiving the same benefits as you were before that will make you also unentitled to receive disability living allowance as one of the criteria for being eligible for dla is that you must be in receipt of one of the other state benefits .

Correct Answer: not affect total assets.

If the child is on SSI, yes, though it will affect the amount being received. Also, in these cases, the parent is also low income and receiving state aid, so it's actually the state making the application.

Yes, the two are unrelated and receiving either will not affect the other one.

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