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You cannot collect SSI (Social Security Income) while you are in jail. Once you get out of jail, the income will start back up.

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Can you collect ssi while living in the Philippines?

Can you collect SSI benefits while living in the Philippines

Can you collect ssi while in prison?


Can you collect SSI and SSD at the same time?

No. You will collect one or the other. SSI will initially kick in, then you have to pay it back out of SSD when you qualify. SSI is usually much less than SSD.

Can you collect ssi disability benefits for flatfoot?


In the game of monopoly do you collect money while your in jail?

Well if your in jail then you miss a go so then the right answer has to be no there problen solved

Is my child eligible for SSI?

People collect SSI when they are disabled. If a child is disabled, you can apply to see if they are eligible to receive SSI. The Social Security Office will have applications.

Can you collect unemployment insurance after you are released from jail?

if paroled from jail can i still collect unemployment

Can you collect SSI and state disability at the same time?

when do ssi payment come and when do they come out and can you collect ssi if you get social security because i was getting umempoyment last years they toal me to pay me back i want some more anwers so please email at tameka24@yahoo.comabout collectf ssi payment.

Can you collect child support if the absent parent collects ssi?

No, you can not collect child support if the absent parent collects ssi. No matter what state you are in, anywhere in the united states. It's against the law!

Can illegals collect SSI benefits?

No. You must be a citizen to receive benefits.

Can you collect both general relief and SSI at the same time in California?


Can you collect unemployment in New Jersey if you are in jail?

No. To be eligible you have to, among other criteria, be able to seek full time employment which you would not be able to do while in jail.

Can you collect unemployment insurance while out of jail on bail?

No. You need to be actively looking for employment and actually available for work. If you are temporarily out of jail you fit neither category.

Can an you collect unemployment if you are in jail?


Can you collect ssi if you have received unemployment?

You can, but unemployment will deduct the amount from your unemployment benefits

If your ex-wife is collecting SSI does your kids collect too?

No. SSI does not provide the provision of a child benefit check. This is only applicable to SSDI.

Is it illegal to collect unemployment while in jail in Wisconsin?

One qualifies for unemployment ONLY while available to work AND actively seeking work. Folks in jail cannot work, so they are disqualified from unemployment benefits.

Can you collect both unemployment insurance benefits an social security benefits at the same time in Florida?

can i collect social security and unemployment in florida at the same time

Can a person collect SSI and Welfare at the same time in PA?

Yes, I know of someone that Collects Child support SSI and Welfare. Messed up huh

Can a parent collect ssi for a child and child support in fl?

Yes, but it affects the amount.

Can you collect social security if you are 40 years old and are retarded?

Yes, SSI is for the disabled.

Are you able to collect rent when in jail in monopoly?

do you have to pay rent when you are in jail for baconopoly

Can you collect ssi while receiving long term disability payment from a private policy in Montana?

Yes, but you must notify social security administration of the private policies benefit amount.

Can you collect ssi and ssd in the state of fl?

Florida is part of the United States so yes.

Can you collect SSI and disability at the same time?

really depends on your case, but you can and many people do ssi= supplemental security income ; disability= social security disability income (ssdi)

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