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Can you collect child support from your ex-husband's wife?

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No. She is not responsible for her new husband's child support obligations.

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Does ex wife collect social security on back child support?


Can you collect child support from your ex-husbands wife if they are married and he isn't working?

No. Your ex-husband's wife is not responsible for your child[ren].

Is a divorced wife entitled to exhusbands benefits?

Only if awarded them in the divorce

Can the ex wife sue the current wife for child support?

No. The ex-wife can only sue the FATHER of the child for child support. The new wife is not a parent to the child and is therefore, not legally responsible for someone else's child.

Can your ex wife collect child support and social serurity at the sametime from you?

Yes. However, if the child's RSDI benefit is based on the obligor's SSA account, it is considered child support. If that benefit exceeds the amount ordered for child support, the obligor does not owe any additional payment.

Can you collect child support if the father is married and doesnt work but his wife owns a business?

The father's wife is not responsible for his children. However, the State may attach assets they own jointly.

Can I sue my child's father and his wife for child support?

You can file a complaint for child support against the father in the family court in your jurisdiction. His wife has no obligations to your child whatsoever.

Can you get your child support decreased if you adopt your wife child and sister child?

generally, no

Can your child support increase if your ex moved back in with his ex wife and the child he was paying support on?


Do you have to pay child support if you are married and living with your wife?

The question of child support arises when one or both parents are absent from the child's home. Therefore, if you and your wife are the child's parents, no child support should be due from either of you.

Is the new wife responsible for her husbands child support?

No, child support and alimony would be the sole responsibility of the husband.

Can a fathers wife be held responsible for his child support?


You live in Michigan and the Father lives in Indiana He is married doesn't have a job and his wife is employed can her wages pay his child-support obligation?

No. However, contact your State's child support agency (i.e., MI). They can take various actions to collect unpaid support. Be patient but persistent. Good luck!

Do a wife have to pay husband's child support if he is behind?

Spouses are not responsible for their spouse's child(ren). However, to collect unpaid support, the State may place liens on real and personal property owned by the obligor, including bank accounts, even if the spouse is a joint owner.

Can a wife gets child support from her husband even if they live in the same house?

No. Child support is paid by absent parents.

When you remarry does your new wife have to pay child support?

When you remarry, you and your new wife are responsible to pay the child support that you had in your divorce agreement. Presumably, you will continue working and making the payments.

Does a wife get child support if married in las Vegas?

well if you are the legal father and she is the legal mother and you two arent living together than yes the wife does get child support

If married man fathered a child outside his marriage can his wife be ordered to pay his child support in Indiana?

To get this straight you are asking if a man had a child not to his wife, would his wife have to pay any child support for that child that is not hers? No she does not have to pay, the man does, but in saying that if the amount is direct credited out of the mans bank account that is in joint names with the wife then it seems she is paying, and in a way she is paying if you do share all finances as husband and wife she misses out on the money that the man must pay for child support.

How does it affect child support to a wife when the husband is living with the mother of an illegitimate child born during the marriage that he is paying child support to her already?


Can my former wife take me to child support court after she stated on our divorce the our child in not my baby?


When do you think a guy should propose?

When he can support a wife and child.

Does a non custodial parents wife pay child support?


Is the new wife income taken in for back child support?


Does ex wife husbands income lower your child support?


Does the wife have to pay child support if the husband is being sued for child support for a child that's not hers?

I had my taxes send to the first wife because my ex husband did not send any child support. I can happen that way. I don't think they could attach monthly payments but you can check with a lawyer.