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That would depend if you live in a state that provides disability insurance.

The type of disability insurance would also depend on the seriousness of the surgery, i.e. is it short-term, work injury related (workers comp); longer term, permanent (SSDI); private insurance (depends on the insurance policy). The Related Link below is an excellent source for information on the above.

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Q: Can you collect disability insurance while recovering from surgery if you have been working for 35 years but are currently unemployed?
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Can you apply for a disability insurance if you have cancer?

Yes, if you are unable to work. ANSWER: Actually, if you are currently UNABLE to work, you can NOT apply for disability INSURANCE. You have to be actively at work to get insurance for disability.

Disability Insurance?

form_title=Disability Insurance form_header=Disability insurance will protect your income when you are unable to. Get a policy that will provide security for financial future. Do you currently have any disabilities?= () Yes () No Do you currently have any type of disability insurance?= () Yes () No Who would you like to add as a beneficiary?=_

Can you get disability insurance before surg?

If you are currently unable to work or disabled, you may not be able to qualify for a regular disability insurance policy. There are few insurance companies that can offer substandard disability insurance, or graded benefit disability insurance. You should discuss this with an experienced agent, before you get the surgery.

What does disability insurance generally cover?

Disability insurance covers any loses in income that one may experience while recovering from injuries and illnesses. Insurance will replace some portion of worker's income during these periods of time.

What has the author John C Hambor written?

John C. Hambor has written: 'Unemployment and disability' -- subject(s): Disability Insurance, Mathematical models, Unemployed

Can an unemployed person get disability insurance?

Yes.Students, residents or fellows without employment, or individuals who have signed a contract but didn't start yet in their practice, can get disability insurance.Otherwise, you need to work 30 hours or more per week, to qualify for disability insurance. Lloyds will insure for disability even if you work under 30 hrs/week.Ask for quotes from an experienced disability insurance broker .

Do you have to pay child support if you are unemployed?

Yes, if you have an income other than public assistance, such as unemployment insurance benefits or disability pay.

How do you extend short term disability in ca?

Are you currently disabled? If so, check with your employer and / or state's social security disability benefits. If not currently disabled, you can get individual long-term disability protection from a handful of disability insurance companies, or through your employer.

Should a married unemployed mother buy disability insurance?

I guess you'd need money first? Does this person have any income? How would disability insurance benefit a person without a job? If your husband is makeing money, yes! Be safe.

Does national guardian life offer a disability insurance with a cash benefit at the end of the policy?

National Guardian Life (NGL) offers Preneed, Final Expense and Group Markets insurance, but does not currently offer Disability Insurance.

Where can an unemployed person get health insurance if they have medical issuses?

hemrode problems and has no insurance and is unemployed

Purchase Disability Insurance?

form_title=Purchase Disability Insurance form_header=If you're suffering from a disability, insurance can help pay for bills and other needs. Have you received disability insurance in the past?= () Yes () No Does your employer offer disability insurance?= () Yes () No How quickly, and for how long, do you need disability insurance?=_

What do you do if you don't have short term disability insurance?

Basically you are screwed. I know, because I am currently in that same situation.

Where can a person get a comparison of disability insurance rates?

One can get a comparison of disability insurance rates on websites like Insurance Data, Disability can Happen, RBC Insurance, Termlife Insurance or SB Information.

Who can get disability insurance?

Although Social Security provide you financial assistant but it fails when you some how or other get some disability. In such cases disability insurance can benefits a man. Any person who can pay for insurance policy can take a disability insurance. Companies pay different disability insurance as per package.

Where is the best place to live if you have a disability?

You can live anywhere in the US and do well if you have a disability. Depending on the disability, you can get disability insurance. Disability insurance is figured by your work history and if you get approved.

Where can I find good disability insurance?

Check with the insurance company you are currently with. Chances are they will beat out any other price or even price matching, and that way your insurance is all in one place.

What has the author Charles E Soule written?

Charles E. Soule has written: 'Disability income insurance' -- subject(s): Disability Insurance, Insurance, Disability

Disability insurance needs to have tighter restrictions?

Disability insurance needs to have tighter restrictions

How much is disablility insurance?

Insurance Companies pay different disability insurance as per package. There are many factor involved in getting disability insurance. You have to fully understand and fill out the disability work sheet that will determine how much you will get in case of disability.

Will a disability affect my insurance quote Where can I get valid insurance for a disabled California driver?

In California a disability will not effect your insurance quote but if you are in southern state like Florida a disability will effect you insurance quote.

What is the best company that offers disability insurance?

We invite you to call us or visit at Instant Disability We would be happy to discuss your needs when it comes to income protection and disability insurance.

Can you receive disability benefits if you are 62?

The question is: are you currently working and looking for disability insurance, or are you disabled and looking to apply for benefits? - If you are working and NOT disabled, looking for disability insurance benefits, an experienced agent can help you find an insurance carrier to offer DI at age 62. There are only a couple of companies that offer DI at age 62, majority will stop offering at age 59 or 60. - If you are currently disabled, you can apply for Social Security benefits in your state. Good luck!

Does Virginia have long term disability?

You have to check into Social Security disability, if you don't have your own disability insurance (individual policy, or through your employer); It is recommended that you get your own Disability Insurance policy if your employer does not offer such benefits. Yes, there are disability insurance policies available in Virginia.

Which American companies offer individual disability insurance?

MetLife offers disability insurance for individuals. It is best to buy disability insurance when one is young, because insurance gets more expensive when one gets older.