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Can you collect social security disability for flatfeet?


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No, to collect social security disability you must not be able to work any job in the national economy.

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Worker's Comp (disability insurance) is different from Social Security and you can collect both if you qualify for both.

can you collect social security disability due to 2 knee repalcements

Collecting Social Security would not interfere with your compensation disability

While on social security disability if sentenced to a mental facility can you still collect

Don't think so, but go to the social security website for help. You need 40 quarters to collect social security and be 65.

To collect unemployment you have to be actively seeking work and able to do the work. Receiving Social Security Disability implies you may not be able to either, so probably not.

As a disabled veteran, I am witness to such cases where the veteran does collect veterans administration and social security disability. Usually the veteran is receiving VA. disability at the 100% rate. Social security will fight awarding it, usually based on the applicants age. The older you are though, the easier it is to collect both.

The disabled veterans can collect social security disability funds from the social security funds.

To collect unemployment you have to be actively seeking work and able to do the work. Receiving Social Security Disability implies you may not be able to either, so probably not.

really depends on your case, but you can and many people do ssi= supplemental security income ; disability= social security disability income (ssdi)

You should be able to. If you are working past retirement age and paying in to state disability you should be able to collect up to 12 months. State disability is different then federal social security. If you are paying in and its within the 12 months you should be eligible to collect on what you paid for, it is insurance.

In this case you should notify the Social Security Office of your marriage. it might increase the amount of your social security benefit's, if your husband or wife also collect social security payments.

Can you receive disability social security and your spouses social security pension

Florida does not have state disability benefits.You can get private disability coverage in Florida. Check your policy to see the integration language relating to social security disability. You can collect on both policies at the same time, however the private policies will offset the benefit to a varying degree.

Yes you can. However if your collecting disability benefits from a LTD then they will most likely kick you off once you start receiving your SSDI benefits. However, if you trying to get on SSI, which is income based, you wont be able to collect both.

If you are receiving Social Security Disability and reach full retirement age, the full amount of your benefits will be transferred from SSDI to Social Security Retirement. If you are receiving Supplemental Security Income and are over the age of 62, you may be able to receive Social Security Retirement benefits in addition to your SSI if you have worked and paid into Social Security long enough to be eligible.

Yes. osteoporosis can be call a disability to get Social Security money.

Some Social Security Disability beneficiaries have to pay federal income taxes on their Social Security Disability benefits, while others do not.

Social Security Disability and Social Security is judgment proof from debtors in all states.

No, to receive social security disability you must be considered disabled under the social security's listing of impairments.

Illinois does not have state short term disability. Social Security disability is a federal program.You can get short term disability in Illinois by through your employer, or by working with an agent.

You collect disability only if you show that you are unable to perform work, not that you worked as long as you have. If you worked eight years and there are justifiable reasons for quitting, as determined by your state's employment security office then you might be eligible for unemployment benefits. This has nothing to do with the Social Security you are presently receiving.

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