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No, to collect social security disability you must not be able to work any job in the national economy.

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Q: Can you collect social security disability for flatfeet?
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Can you collect disability insurance and Social Security?

Worker's Comp (disability insurance) is different from Social Security and you can collect both if you qualify for both.

Can you collect social security disability due to 2 knee replacements?

can you collect social security disability due to 2 knee repalcements

Can you collect social security disability benefits while in a mental facility?

While on social security disability if sentenced to a mental facility can you still collect

Can I continue to collect my compensation disability after starting to collect Social Security benefits at 65?

Collecting Social Security would not interfere with your compensation disability

Can you collect rental income and Social Security Disability?


Can you collect Social Security disability with kids?


Can you collect California permanent disability if you are on social security?


Can you collect social security and social security disability at the same time in Virginia?

Not anywhere, you get one or the other.

Can i collect disability payments from the state of Georgia and social security disability at the same time at age 59?

Don't think so, but go to the social security website for help. You need 40 quarters to collect social security and be 65.

If you are collecting unemployment can you collect Social Security Disability also?

To collect unemployment you have to be actively seeking work and able to do the work. Receiving Social Security Disability implies you may not be able to either, so probably not.

Can Va take percent of Social Sec funds?

The disabled veterans can collect social security disability funds from the social security funds.

Can you receive both Veteran's Administration Disability and Social Security Disability?

As a disabled veteran, I am witness to such cases where the veteran does collect veterans administration and social security disability. Usually the veteran is receiving VA. disability at the 100% rate. Social security will fight awarding it, usually based on the applicants age. The older you are though, the easier it is to collect both.

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