Can you compare the picture quality of LCD TV's with plasma TV's?

Interesting question. Having worked on LCD, DLP and plasma sets, I've found that a lot of it depends on several factors. Truth is, they can all provide fantastic pictures, but they also vary from model to model.

Much of it depends on your signal source, and one of the things you need to keep in mind, is when you're in a store looking at all the displays, the store will have provided the highest quality HDTV signal they can afford in their system, and they'll all look great.

When you get it home though, it's going to be a different story. It depends on whether you're taking the signal off air, whether or not you have analog or digital satellite or digital cable, how good the signal is from the receivers or cable box and whether or not it's a HD receiver/cable box.

But that's just the beginning. Are you using the HDMI (High definition Multimedia Interface) connection, RGB cables (quality varies greatly) or the regular RF inputs.

LCD TV's now have 1080 resolution, so does DLP and Plasma. So taking all the other items into consideration, it's really a personal choice of appearance, how it's mounted and optional features as well as personal budget.

The "best picture" comes when you have an extended warranty contract, and a reliable company to back it up. The reason for this is simply because some replacement parts and service calls would cost you as much as the TV did originally. That's something I've seen time and time again.