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Actually HP offers printers that you can send to via an eprint email address.

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Connect the printer to one of the computers and share it over the network.

Yes. The easiest way to do it is to have a networking printer where you can connect your printer to a router and connect it to your home or business network.

install the printer on both computers using the disk provided

Yes, you can connect one printer to each computer and connect both computers on a local network, then install the network printer from each other's computer. Or you can give printer servers to two different printers.

If the two computers are connected to a network, then connect both printers to the same network. Use "add new printer" on both computers, so installing the printer driver for each printer, and both printers will show in the list of devices in My computer (if you are using MS Windows). Or, if there is not a network, connect a separate printer to each computer.

you connect both computers to the printers like you connect 1

Connect your printer to one of computers, and share it for all computers in your network. Or if your printer has its own network interface, connect it directly to the router and use it (you might have to configure it for your network settings).

create a network with the pc's and the printer on 1 router/switch

Connect to one of computers connected to the network after that using sharing options share the printer.

It would depend on how far away the computers would be from your wireless network. You can connect multiple printers to a wireless printer, I am sure if it is a small business you can connect all.

You can connect computers and computer device peripherals (like a printer) together through a network.

Laptop computers and desk-top computers come with a number of jacks to connect the computer to peripheral equipment. HDMI cables, USB cables and printer cables are the most common cords to connect computers to peripheral equipment.

One method is to use a printer switch box. See related links for some example devices. Another method would be to connect the printer to one computer and share the printer with another computer on the same network.

You connect the printer and the other computers in a network - either by USB or Ethernet.

You can use something as simple as a two-way switch. Basically, both computers connect to the switch by a cable, and the switch is connected by cable to the printer. Each user turns the switch to their connection when they want to send something to the printer.

FIRST WAY: This is the cheapest and the easiest way to connect a printer to multiple computers. Simply plug the printer in one of the computers and set it up as shared printer over the network. It requires that the computer, to which the printer is connected be switched on, for the other computer to access the printer (Follow this link for more)

When connecting a printer to a large network it is important to make sure you choose a printer that is capable of doing it. The company HP offers a great all in one printer that will allow you to connect a large network very easily.

If the printer is a network printer or the router has a USB port and supports the printer, you can simply connect the printer to the router and then tell each computer to search the network for printers. If the printer is not network-capable, you will need to set up file and print sharing on one of the computers.

There are many advantages to connect devices and computers to a network. One advantage is sharing a printer over a network. You can print from several different computers with only on printer and that saves the hassle of transferring files and pictures back and forth to print them the expense of purchasing multiple printers. Also you can share certain files and documents on a network.

It depends... If your printer supports wireless communication you need to make sure that you configured it properly. If it does not have a wireless card you have at least 2 choices. First one is connect the printer to one of your computers and share it within your working group. Or if your router has a printer server, and your printer is USB you can connect the printer to the router and use the router settings to configure the print server for your needs.

Why is it practical to have a number of computers sharing a printer

I do it through a router. My cord is plugged into the router. The router is plugged into the printer. In theory we could download the stuff to connect the other computer to the printer through the wireless connection but since it is hooked up directly to a different printer, we don't bother.

i guess all the computers should be able, as long the printer is able to store the prints until all is printed out, else you could print out connecting up to one of the computers who got the printer "share the printer" just one way to get it done, :P

Yes, it can. You can use for printers with own NIC, or you can connect your printer to a printer server, or you can connect you printer to your router (not all routers support it), or you can connect the printer to your computer which is connected to the network and share the printer.

If they are reasonably close together, you can use an "A/B Switch", otherwise you'll need to network them.

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