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wish i knewprobably... Google it

in order to download a ROM you must have the game

2011-09-12 14:34:35
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Can a Wii you Game be played on the Wii Console?

Yes it can all you have to do is get the cords and connect it

Is it possible to play the xbox one if you don't have internet?

Yes games can be played offline without a problem. If you are buying the console new though, you will have to connect the console to the internet for the initial setup.

What console can you play Halo 3 on?

Halo 3 can be played on the XBOX 360 console. The video game was developed by Bungie. Halo 3 can also be played through XBOX live, where a player can connect with other players around the world.

Can I play my Nintendo 64 games on the new Nintendo Wii system?

Although N64 cartridges cannot be inserted directly into the Wii console, Nintendo's Virtual Console allows select classic games to be downloaded and played.

Can you play a Wii game on the PC?

No. Wii games can only be played on the Wii console. Gamecube games can be played on the Wii console and Gamecube console.

Can you play Wii U in the car?

Technically speaking, you can but no, the Wii U is meant to be played as a home console. Since it needs a HDMI adapter to connect to a TV screen, it is better for the Wii U to be played at home.

Can ds games be played on the dsixl console?

yes they can

Can a psp game be played in a ps2 console?

No, a psp game cannot be played with a ps2.

Are there parental controls on Battlefield 3?

Not on the game but on the console that its played on has them

Can xbox halo reach bought in the US be played on an xbox console in Italy?

Both the game and the console have to be from the same region to be compatible.

Can Xbox 360 games can be played on the Xbox?

No they can't, it is a different console.

How does the Virtual Console relate to the Wii?

The Wii Virtual Console is a software emulation service for playing classic games for retired systems on the Wii. Virtual Console games are purchased from the Wii Store and can simply be downloaded and played on the device. The game is kept on the device as a channel and can be played at any time.

Can xbox games be played on the GameCube?

No they were developed by two different companies makeing them unable to be played on the others console.

What xbox games can be played on the xbox360 console?

Yeah, but you can't do Kinect(of course).

Who transfered from Real Madrid to milan to Corinthians?

The Brazilian striker Ronaldo Lima, played for Real Madrid, then A.C.Milan and now to Corinthians.

Can English Wii games be played on Japanese bought Wii?

No. Wii consoles are locked by region and can only play games bought in the same region as the console. Games from the US and Europe cannot legally be played on a Japanese console.

Can a computer game be played on the ps2?

No the PS2 or any other game console does not play computer games they are played on a computer

Is there a setting to change call of duty age rating?

Adjust parental controls in the console settings - this will adjust the content available in all games played on said console.

What is the longest time played on a video game console?

50 hours by Jason Campbell

Can a ps2 game be played with a ps3 controller?

The PS3 controller does not work on the PS2 console

Can you play ps3 games on a ps4?

No, PS3 games can not yet be played on the PS4 console.

How do you fix your Xbox 360 from freezing?

Console Freezing is many from the game being played on Your disc might be scratched so badly that i makes the console freeze with it or you might have the RROD problem

Can an American wii console be played in UK?

yes if the tv supports "ntfs" and you have a power adapter

Can xbox games bought in Australia be played in the US?

nope because of different settings on your console

What console is Legend of Zelda phantom hourglass on?

DS, it can be played on anything from a ds to a >New<3ds