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Yes, your computer doesn't need the modem, however the server computer does. This can be accomplished through a wireless network. You will need a wireless card, however; internal or external. Otherwise, there is no other way you can connect to the internet without a modem.

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Q: Can you connect a laptop to the internet without a modem?
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How do you connect a laptop to the Internet?

To connect to the internet you need to first buy an internet connection. You must then plug your internet cable into a modem. Finally you must have connection to the modem from your laptop, most computers will automatically connect to the internet if the hardware is in place.

How do you connect to the Internet using dial-up without a phone modem on your laptop?

You can buy an external modem that connects to the USB port, or you can connect to a WiFi network instead.

Internet on a laptop with a modem?

You can connect your laptop to the Internet with a cable modem, sure. You will need an Ethernet cable to do that. If you want wireless internet, you will need a cable modem, and a wireless router as well.

How does the modem help with the Internet?

Without the modem you can not connect to the internet.

How do you connect your laptop to a wireless internet?

You need to install a wireless modem.

Is a router essential and obligatory for a laptop to connect at Internet by wireless?

No, a modem with wireless devise can provide Internet directly to each laptop witch can access the modem's wireless devise.

I have cable for main computer.How do I get internet to my laptop.?

Subscribe to an ISP for internet such as IVC Telecom and then connect your laptop to the modem with an ethernet cable or connect wirelessly using wifi, assuming your laptop has a wireless network card.

Do you need a modem for a laptop?

A modem is only required if you wish to connect your laptop to the internet via a phone line. Most people now connect to the internet using a broadband modem which is a separate device. Most laptops now come with wireless networking capability. Built in modems are becoming less common.

Why is the modem for a laptop different from a modem for another type of computer?

laptops and computers dont come with modems. They come with wireless adapters that are essentially the same for both laptop and desktop, that can connect to modems. If you have a purchased usb modem for your laptop, that is what is accessing the internet. If you do not, the modem, say at Starbucks, is accessing the internet for you...and you are connecting to it.

How do you connect a computer without a cable modem to access broadband internet?

Use a DSL modem....

Do you have to have a desktop and an LAN to use a laptop and Wifi to connect to a cable internet modem?

No, but you are going to need a wireless router, also known as an access point, between the laptop and the cable modem.

What does a laptop need to access the internet?

You can connect your laptop to a dial-up connection, or you can use a high speed Ethernet cable to connect from your cable modem or Ethernet wall jack to your computer. If you want wireless internet, you will need a cable modem or an Ethernet wall jack and a wireless router.

How do you use your cell phone as a modem to connect to the Internet?

Not all cellphones has a built-in modem but if it does, download the driver from your cellphone manufacturer and install it to your laptop/PC, connect the two and create a dial-up connection using that modem.

Is a router all i need for internet on laptop?

A router and the modem that will hook up to that router so it can provide the internet. Or you can wirelessly connect to the modem with Wi-Fi. You can also use a dongle for on-the-go internet.

Can a Laptop with wireless be used with cable modem without a router and not plug into the cable modem directly?

If you want to have internet on that laptop you need to be connected to internet provider which usually happens directly (connected to the modem) or indirectly (connected to the modem through wired or wireless router).

What is the purpose of using a smartphone as a modem?

It allows me to use my laptop to connect to the internet when I am in an area that does not have WIFI or a Hotspot.

What is a laptop modem used for?

It's used to connect to the internet by way of 56K, Ethernet or network card.

How do you connect a wireless cable modem to your laptop if you dont have a desktop?

You do not need to have a desktop to have internet on your laptop. All laptops have wireless adapters, use it.

If you have got a non wireless internet modem and you also have a laptop ha do you get internet on your laptop without plugging in?

You need to add a wireless access point to your wired internet.

How do you connect modem to laptop?

connect a modem with appropriate ports in order to enable that devices to connects then install the driver for modem.

Can you connect your ps3 directly with your internet cable i dont have a modem nor router only internet cable can i still connect with that?

No. The PS3 can only have a wired connection with an ethernet cable. The only other connection that is possible is WiFi. The PS3 can only connect to the internet with WiFi or ethernet cable no other type connection is possible. You can not use the HDMI or USB port to connect the PS3 to the internet. I do not believe a router can be connected to the internet cable without a modem or that you can have cable internet without a modem

What is a wireless modem?

A wireless modem is a modem which connects to a wireless network instead of to the telephone system. When you connect with a wireless modem, you are attached directly to your wireless ISP (Internet Service Provider) and you can then access the Internet. Basically it's another type of modem that lets you connect to the Internet anywhere in your home or workplace without using a wire/cable! Cool!

How do you connect laptop to laptop by wireless?

through wireless modem

Connect laptop to modem?


Why do computers use modems?

Modems are used to connect through to internet without modem you can use LAN(Local area network) card to connect to another computer which has the internet and modem installed and can use internet by using LAN Card.