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does it have a headphone jack in the headunit/Radio if it does you can connect a mp3 and/or iPod to the stock radio.Ryan at Higher Limits .I have the install harness on my website in the install

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โˆ™ 2009-05-16 23:15:27
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Q: Can you connect a mp3 player to a BMW e46 car audio navigator 1?
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How do you connect Android phone to BMW stereo?

There are few options available: 1. Auxillary-in cables / kits 2. FM transmitters (the sound is not so great) 3. Direct integration to farcory car stereo. Such as GROM Audio Android integration to BMW cars.

How to remove tape deck from BMW 740il?

You have to take it to the car audio store.

Where do you connect the jumper cables when jump starting a BMW Z4?

Try the battery.

How do you remove the radio on a 2000 BMW 528?

Dealer....seriously. If not the dealer, an audio shop. I am a car audio person and it is difficult. May void warranty as well.

How do you jump start BMW x5?

Connect jumper cables from the positive battery post, on your BMW, to the positive battery post on the charged every. Connect the ground together. Allow the battery to charge for a minimum of 10 minutes.

What are the size of the audio speakers for a 1999 BMW z3?

Which speakers? Kick panels, door or behind seats?

Where is the AUX input for a 2005 X5?

the BMW auxiliary input interface was not available until 2008 models, but this is something you can add to the factory audio system, just purchase the interface and plug it into the external CD changer wiring do a search for BMW Audio Input Interface

How do you retrieve the audio code for a 1995 BMW 318i?

Call BMW dealer have the whole Vin Number Thay can give you the the code. If its your car and you dont work for or own an automotive repair shop you will have to go to BMW in person. to prove you own the car.

DIY installation of a voltage stabilizer 2001 BMW e46 325i- How should I connect it Do I connect it to the battery in the trunk or under the hood to terminals?

Connect it to the battery under the hood. You want to put it closest to where the noise is being produced.

Audio parts for your 2001 BMW 530i? Get whatever you need!!!

How do you jump start another car with a BMW?

The BMW owner manual usually gives you this information, but lacking that here is what mine says: Since my BMW's battery is located in the trunk it is not easily accessible. There is a Positive red (+) terminal under a small plastic cover in the engine compartment. Connect one end of the jumper cable to that terminal. Connect the other end directly to a bolt located on the actual engine. This is the Negative (-). It will be located close to the positive terminal. Connect the jumper cable to the other car making sure to connect positive to positive and negative to negative.

What kind of sound systems does the BMW 3 Series come equipped with?

It depends on which if you are looking at what comes standard with the models in the BMW 3 Series or what is possible with upgrades. The standard sound system in all models of the BMW 3 is an AM/FM stereo, CD/MP3 player audio system with Radio Data System and an HD radio (with multicast FM stations). It also includes an auxillary input for personal players and has an anti theft system.

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