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Can you connect a router and a hub?

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You can connect them both. It is better to use a "switch" instead of a hub, but the hub will work, too.

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Do you have to connect your router to your PC via ethernet cable or can you connect via wifi and do you have to connect your router to your hub?

You do not have to connect your router to your PC via ethernet cable, you can instead connect via wi-fi and your router must be connected to your hub.

Can I Connect a wireless hub to a broadband router?

In most cases you can.

Which hardware a hub or router only lets you connect computers together on the same network?


How can a PC Win2000 and laptop XP connect to the internet together using a hub?

If the is just a Hub, It will not work. You need a router/hub. A router/hub combination allows you to connect to your ISP and link all computers within your home. The cost is cheap and the installation is simple. I recommend you to purchase a router/hub at your local computer, electronics store. Follow the simple directions and you will be operational in no time.

How do you connect a hub to a wireless router and will this give you both wired and wireless access?

if your wireless router has lan ports then the answer is yes.

How can you connect two computers through your ADSL modem?

Buy a hub or (preferably) a router. This will split your one internet connection into 4 or more (depending on hub/router model).

What Intermediary devices connect two or more networks?

Router, Switch, Hub, etc.

What devices are used to connect four computers?

You could use:SwitchHubRouter

What device that allows for different types of devices to physically connect to a network?

hub and router

What allows your computer and other internet devices to connect with one another?

a hub or a router

How do you connect two pc's using lan?

Either use a crossover cable or connect them using a hub, switch, or router.

How much does it cost to connect four PCs to a cable modem?

Not necessarily more than the price of a hub, or a router with four extra slots. Check at any PC store for a hub or router.

How do I connect a switch to my router so that I can add more computers to my network?

get a connector hub adapter

How do you connect xbox live to dish satellite internet?

You need a router/hub. You then either connect your Xbox 360 via wireless or ethernet.

What is difference between router and hub?

Hi, I think you are very new to networking. Router is a L3 device used to connect different networks, where the HUB is L1 device (Not L2) connects all the devices in the same network.

Can you connect wildblue modem to wired router ie Linksys BEFSX41 then connect router to a wireless access point then connect a 2nd WAP to a wired hub for shared access to internet?

Assuming that the second AP features a bridge mode then yes. Otherwise, no.

If you have a hub alreadly and want wireless internet how do you go upon doing this?

You need to buy a wireless router and connect it to the modem.

Why can't you use a straight through cable to connect a computers NIC to a router's Ethernet port?

A straight cable is used to connect a PC to a hub, switch, or router.

Must you use a hub to connect three pc's?

I have a PC, laptop and xbox running and i have a modem and router downstairs with a wire leading upstairs then a netgear high speed hub splitting my connection 3 ways to my PC etc , but i don't think u need a hub if your router has multiple ethernet slots.

Do you have to hook the router up to a computer?

No - a router can connect to a computer, another router, a switch, a hub, a bridge or a modem. If you are connecting to the Internet via DSL or cable company you will need a modem/router to connect to them. You then attach your computer (or computers) to that router. Routers are useful because they make decisions about which way a packet of data goes - this network or this network? If you have one network that doesn't go anywhere (connect to the Internet or another network) a router is of no use to you and a switch generally does wonderfully and is cheaper than a router.

What is hub and why it is used in computer?

A hub is 10 year old hardware technology used to connect more that one computer together (people use switches now, switches auto detect speeds). You usually use a router to connect to the internet

What is needed to connect wan to lan?

A router.A router.A router.A router.

Which type twisted pair cable will you use to connect router to hub?

Unshielded twisted pair (UTP). Typically Category 5 or better.

What is an expansion hub?

An expansion hub is a powered hub that is 2.0 and USB. It simply allows you to connect to devices that you were not able to connect to with a regular hub.

For devices that do not autosense which connection requires a crossover cable?

Connections between any two equipments of the same kind. For purposes of cabling, you can consider computers and routers as one kind of equipment, and switches and hubs as another kind. This aids in remembering which cable to use. So, you need a crossover cable to connect computer-computer; computer-router; router-router; hub-hub; hub-switch; switch-switch.