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What animal has no throat?

every animal have a throat

How is strep throat different from a sore throat?

Every strep throat come under the sore throat. Every sore throat is not due to strep bacteria. Others are due to many type of viruses.

Were in a rainforest does a scarlet macaw live?

every where

Is it normal to wake up with a sore throat and hoarse voice every morning?

No, it would not be normal for this to continue daily for more than a week or two and should be checked by a medical professional.

What can you take for a strep throat?

Gargle with salty water every hour while you have a sore throat.

How many victims has scarlet fever killed?

2 out of every 78% of victims who were diagnosed with scarlet fever last year died.

What is the number of victims with scarlet fever?

992,372 in the whole world every year

Can you get strep throat from flies?

No. You can not blame the flies for every disease.

How does the Number of times nostril open compare to throat moves up and down in a frog?

Your throat moves up and down with every breath you take. That means that it moves every time the nostril opens.

What are some medecines for a sore throat?

- "Benylin Mucus & Phlegm Relief" (WORKS VERY GOOD FOR SORE THROAT TOO)- "Cepacol" or "Strepsils" or "Halls"Sore Throat Candy- "NeoCitron" Sore Throat Tea- Tylenol- For Nighttime"NyQuil"** take 2 TBSP of the benylin every day every 5 hours. Only take 1 Packet of NeoCitron twice a day. Take 1 cough candy every hour**

How many die of scarlet fever?

about 1 every year Well tbh i dont know how many people die from it but when i was ten years old i suffered from scarlet fever and pneumonia.

How many people die from strep throat every year?

On average, about 5,623,780 people die from strep throat a year. This is about 0.0827743619% of the world population.

How many doctors pass out every year in India?

let me clear my throat

Why does it always feel like i have something in the back of my throat making it hard to swallow?

Some people get minor throat infections every now and then. The throat will therefore produce a bump or lump in it. This is obstruct swallowing by making it more painful or more difficult, but in almost every case, the lump will dissipate completely on its own.

Why are the scarlet mccaws endangered?

they are dropping every day people think they go nice with red suace

Is thick saliva a symptom of HIV?

have hiv negative test antibody 1and 2 (0.015 ) have no sinus chest lung or throat problem having thick fluid saliva full mouth in every morning y?

How many people are affected by Strep Throat?

Every one at one time or another.

How many deaths does strep throat cause a year on average?

Every year about 300,000 deaths are caused by rheumatic heart disease. This is direct sequel of strep throat.

What are the symptoms of epiglottitis?

A patient with epiglottitis typically experiences a sudden fever, and begins having severe throat and neck pain. Because the swollen epiglottis interferes significantly with air movement, every breath creates a loud, harsh.

Is strep throat caused by bacteria?

Yes. Every disease is caused by at least some bacteria, germs or disruption of cells. In this case, in the throat the bacteria have become annoyed and iritated.

How many people die from strep throat in India?

About 50,000 people die every year in India due to rheumatic heart disease, which is direct sequel of strep throat.

Is there a bill signed every 10 years so blacks can continue to vote?

This is absolutely not true. There is no bill that is signed every ten years, or at all, that allows black people to continue to vote.

Why does your throat itch every time you eat watermelon?

You are probably allergic to watermelon. Stop eating it.

Why does your throat feel weird every time you clean your ears with a q-tip?


How many people die from strep throat in a year?

About 300,000 people die of rheumatic heart disease every year. Rheumatic heart disease is direct sequel of the strep throat.