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You can buy/license more tonage on the truck but it isn't made to handle the weight. You'll need to add heavier springs, etc. Maybe even re-inforce the frame, depending on what's there. Lot's of work.

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Was a dodge dart a half ton or three quarter ton car?

The Dodge Dart was considered an intermediate size vehicle. A half ton or three quarter ton vehicle would refer to pick-up trucks.

Can a half ton GM pick up box fit on a three quarter ton GM frame?


What is the Chevy s10 hlaf ton or a quarter ton?

Quarter ton

Is a 1972 dodge d100 a half ton or a quarter ton?

Half Ton

What is a quarter of a ton?

The terms "half-ton," "quarter-ton," "three-quarter ton," etc. refer to the carrying capacity of the vehicle.

Is the ford 150 a half ton or three quarter ton vehicle?

A half ton.

Is a 1979 dodge power wagon a half ton or quarter ton?

half and heavier.

Difference between 2500chevy pick up and 3500 Chevy pick up?

2500 is a three quarter ton and a 3500 is a ton

Is a gmc suburban 1500 a half ton or three quarter ton?

it is half ton and 3/4 ton is for 2500...there is only 2 models for Suburbans.

Is the Chevy S-10 considered a quarter ton or a half ton?

1/4 ton.

Will the spindles from a 1978 Chevy 1 ton pick up fit a 1969 Chevy three quarter ton pick up?

No, the ball joints are larger on the 1 ton.

Is the Ford Ranger a quarter ton pick up truck?


Is a Chevy 2500hd half ton or three quarter ton?

It is a heavy duty 3/4 ton truck.

Can you find a half-ton pick-up truck with a V6 diesel engine?

No, you can not find a half-ton, V6 diesel. There are none currently on the market, at least none that are factory made. 2014 will be the first production year a half-ton pick-up truck will be factory fitted with a V6 diesel engine. Chrysler will introduce the new Dodge Ram 1500 with a half-ton, V6 diesel engine in the third quarter of 2013.

Is the ford e250 van a half ton or three quarter ton vehicle?


What is the towing capacity of a 1990 Chevy short box?

if its a 1500 about half ton if its a 2500 about 3-quarter ton if its a 3500 about a ton

What does the K1500 stand for?

Just a designation stating that it is a 4x4 vehicle. C-1500 is 2wd. also that it is a half ton 1500/half ton....2500/three quarter ton....3500/one ton.

Is there a difference in size between half ton pickup trucks and three quarter ton pickup trucks?


Why is a half-ton pick-up truck called a half-ton pick-up?

Pick-up trucks are rated by how much they can haul. A half-ton truck can safely haul 1000 pounds. ......That is incorrect I drive a Half ton that has a 10,500 tow capacity.... -It's correct, it doesn't relate to tow capacity, it relates to what you can carry in the bed, or otherwise cargo.

How many yards of 3 quarter inch gravel in a ton?

About one half

Is a Chevy S-10 zr2 a half ton?

No. A S10 series truck is considered a quarter ton truck.

Serpentine belt line up for 1998 Chevy three quarter ton ton pick up?

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How do you remove the ignition switch on a 1990 Chevy half ton pickup?

how do you remove the ignition switch on a 1990 chevy half ton pick-up?

Is the ford e250 box van a three quarter ton vehicle?

Yes the half ton is a 150 and the one tone is a 350.

How much loam will fit in a half ton pick up?

1000 pounds