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ONLY if you can run a single wire along side the 2-wires. If not, running a 3rd by itself will cause the magnetic field of the wire to overheat (when they're run together, the magnetic fields cancel each other out).

Short answer: Probably not.

You cannot run a separte wire all by itself if the 8-2 is in a cable assembly. It isn't allowed by code. Technically you could run 8-2 cable, and then a separate #8 within a conduit, overheating will not occur and the wires do not cancell each other out when considering magnetic fields. It is however true that Phase A and Phase B have completely opposite magnetic fields, but overheating still occurs, this is why wires are derated when they are all run in the same conduit.

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Q: Can you convert nm8 2 wire to nm8 3 wire?
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