Can you create your own WWE title?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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yes in the Video Games u go to create mode and there it is


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yes you can and if they as in vince mcmahon dont like it they will give you sugjestions or add on to it

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Q: Can you create your own WWE title?
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What website will let you create your own WWE superstar?


Will the WWE crusierweight title return to WWE?


Wwe What was sheamus first title?

The first title that Sheamus won was the Wwe Championship.

What site allows you to create what if your own wwe championship belt online?

chris Jericho

Will Wade Barrett win the WWE title?

It is possible that Wade Barrett will win the WWE title.

Does WWE superstars have 1 of each belt?

i think so, if not they got there own name plate for each title

Who held the WWE title longer john cena or jbl?

JBL has held the title longer. He has held the WWE Title for 280 days. John Cena held the WWE title longer than JBL.

Did undertaker win his first match?

Yes his first was against hulk hogan for the wwe title and he won the wwe title on his wwe debut

How do you get on create your own arena on WWE 12?

You won't get it dude it's only availible on the PS3 & The XBOX

Who won the WWE title john cena or the miz?

the Miz Defended the WWE Title

Is jeffy hardy leaving the WWE if he dont win the title?

=no he wil not leave wwe ,he will won the title=

What is Ecw create mode content?

In SvR 2011 or WWE '12 you get the option to use the ECW title and arena in the story mode designer.