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No you can not!! If your turtle has long nails that means you have a male turtle. If you cut his nails you are risking it to bleed to death and be in an excruciating pain. Long nails on your male turtle is natural and normal and is not a problem.

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Do you cut a red eared slider nails?

Yes you can. Just not to far down b/c they have somthing like veins in their nails and if you cut to far they will bleed. If you are not sure how far to cut them, then I would take your turtle to your local pet store! Good luck!

Will my red eared slider eat apples?

Yes. But they must be cut into small pieces.

Should you cut your red eared slider's claws?

No, you risk hurting the turtle if you attempt to cut their nails. They will naturally file down on their own if they have a place to get out of the water and walk around.

Why not to cut nails on Saturdays?

There is no reason to not cut your nails on Saturday.

My red eared slider wont eat you dont know what to do I feed him cut bananas and turtle pellets but he wont eat what should you do you dont want him to die of hunger please help me?

I have a red eared slider too. If you turtle is a baby dont worry until the third week or so. You can also try raw meat, baby turtles are usally carnivorous. If your turtle doesnt eat by the third week you should see a doctor. A list of foods for turtles is cooked chiken for a snack or treat, bloodworms, earthworms,veggies, fruits, pinkie mice, and you can also try frozen turtle pellets called NATURAL AQUATIC TURTLE FOOD. I hope it all works with your little slider GOOD LUCK

How do you clip turtles nails?

you simply hold each leg upward with you special turtle clippers in hand. You then cut each nail and, you must make sure not to cut too short. If the nails bleed from short cutting, put turtle in water!

Can you cut chicken nails?

Yes, a chickens nails can be filed or cut.

How should nails be cut?

Nails should be cut straight across to avoid ingrown toe-nails and cuticle damage.

What do you use to cut your hamsters nails?

you don't need to cut your hamsters nails because they usually bite them to make it shorter. But if you like, you can take it to a vet or a grooming place and they will help you cut their nails. I wouldn't attempt to try to cut their nails.

Why do not feel pain s to cut your nails?

You do not feel pain when you cut your nails because your nails do not contain any nerves that can cause pain.

Are the cut fastball and the slider the same thing?

No. The slider is usually slower and an earlier break while the cut fasterball has the speed of a fastball but slightly breaks at the end.

Why must an inside cat have nails cut regularly?

Cats shed their nails, so they don't need to have them cut for health reasons. Most people cut their cat's nails in an attempt to save their furniture. It helps, but even with cut nails, cats are still able to claw things.

What kind of pitch is a slider?

A slider is a pitch in baseball that breaks laterally and down. It is not thrown at the velocity that a fastball is thrown at, but its velocity is faster than a curve ball. The break on a slider is not as big as a curve ball. The slider is similar to a cut fastball, but will break more than a cut fastball.

What is wrong with your two red-eared slider turtles if they haven't eaten in two months?

AnswerThe water is too cold! They'll die if you don't get a heater. Temperature must be at least 25 C. They have to be in deep enough water for them to eat, and they have to eat meat of some sort. I use to feed mine cut up beef heart.I have three yellow bellie slider / red ear slider I have had them going on 5 years and every october / november they stop eating turtles in the wild hibernate when the weather gets cold, my turtles will not start eating again untill the end of winter /begining of spring, I panic every year and think that there is something wrong but they r hibernating ive tried heaters during the winter and it didnt change anything I always made sure there were feeder fish in my tank and every couple of days I would put in turtles food just in case

What happens when you dont cut a dog's nails?

If you don't your dog's nails they can grow to the point where they start breaking of and cut the "quick"open and their nails willstart bleeding

Do guinea pigs still walk with there nails cut?

yes, they actually walk better with their nails cut i get them cut at the veterinarians office because it will be uncomfortable to them if you cut them too short.

How often do you have to cut guinea pigs nails?

You should cut your guinea pigs nails once they start to curl up at the ends. DO NOT CUT THE PINK PART. The pink part of their nails contains blood vessels.

Why you should cut your nails?

its important to cut your nails often because if you let them grow long they might can cause death but its not bad to have long nails just be careful.

How do you know when you should cut your guinea pig's nails?

I believe you are supposed to cut a guinea pigs nails once a year.

How to cut dogs nails?

cut only the tips of the dogs nails or else you could harm the dog, or ruin the nail.

Do your nails grow faster after you cut them?

your nails will grow at the same rate if you cut them but if you want to make them longer you can put your nails in chlorine for 5 minutes a day to make them longer.

How do you cut your child's nails?

you can cut your childs nails while they are asleep, thats what my mom does and my little brother sleps right through it.

Do you have to cut turtles nales?

probly easier for it to walk. they can shorten them themselves it you have a rock in the tank. its good for them to use long nails if you feed them live food such ad fish, mice, and crayfish.

How do you cut a bearded dragons nails without the animal getting hurt?

You shouldn't really cut their nails they should have rocks and tree bark in their cage to wear their nails down naturally.

How Long should a rabbit's nails be?

if the rabbit's nails are curling then they should be cut, but it has to be done bit by bit, because the kwick grows with the nails and if the rabbits nails bleed when they are cut put the foot in flower to stop the blood flow

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