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Can you delay your period by exercising?

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Not that I have ever heard of. I knew of a woman who claimed she could stave it off by doing pelvic floor exercises, but personally I think she was full of it.

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Can figerring a girl delay period?

No this will not delay a period.

Is a sour food or drink a day before your period will delay your period from coming out?

No this will not delay your period.

Can having a cold delay your period?

No, if you have had a cold at the time of ovulation it can then delay cycle but a common cold should not delay you period

Does having a concussion delay your period?

No, having a concussion cannot delay your period. Your period is determined by your menstrual cycle.

What causes delay in period?

Many things can cause a delay in a woman's period. Stress, poor diet, and a lack of sleep can cause a delay. A serious illness can also cause a delay.

Could being stressed delay your period?

yes being stessed can delay your period. you just need to relax and your period will come(:

What can be taken to delay a period for a month?

becoming pregnant will delay you period for 9 months. Good luck

Can periods be delayed by 17-20 days?

Yes, if you have been sick, under stress, over exercising ( like training for a marathon) or on an extreme diet these things can delay a period.

Does eating guava delay period?

No, eating guava does not delay your period. Menstruation is determined by your menstrual cycle, eating certain things cannot delay your menstrual cycle. The only way to delay your period is with hormonal medications or hormonal birth control.

Can amoxicillin delay your period?


Can a multivitamin delay your period?


What do you do to delay your period?


Can Escitalopram delay your period?




Could drinking a lot in a month delay your period?

No, it can't. But stress and alot of other factors can delay your period.

What can delay your period?

Almost anything can delay your period; stress, pregnancy, lack of needed vitamins or sleep, and sex.

Can fingereing cause a delay in your period?

That should not cause a delay in your period so I would say finger away

Can taking oral metronidazole delay your period?

Yes it can delay the periods

Can exercise delay your period?

No it cant, just makes your period "cramps" less painful Actually, it CAN; but regular (moderate) exercise won't delay your period. It is EXCESSIVE exercise that can delay your period, though. See the link below for more information:

Does not drinking water stop your period?

No. Drinking water does not stop your period, but, you can delay your period by being really active for a day. This will delay your period for about 3 days or so.

If your bf popped your cherry all the way through does your period delay?

Your period should not usually delay unless you are pregnant.

How do you delay your next period with Utovlan?

You will have to get a prescription from your doctor to delay your next period with Utovian. When taken as prescribed, your period will not start until you stop taking the medication.

Can rough penetration delay a period?


Can steroids delay your period?


Can ibuprofen delay your period?

No u can not