Can you delete your Facebook user?

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You can deactivate your account which is bacsicly the same as deleting it. Your account will never be known as ever being made, and if you ever want you can reactivate it. If you want to completely remove your account you will have to email facebook a request.
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How do you delete a Facebook?

You cannot delete a Facebook account, but Facebook lets you deactivate your account. Go to "Account", then click on "Deactivate".. Deactivating an account means that your acc

How do you delete a user?

Open Computer Management, in the console tree click on users thatis - Computer Management > System Tools > Local Users andGroups > Users. Right click on the user account that

How do you delete my Facebook?

Sign in >>> there's 3 Tabs (Home, Profile, Account) >>> Press Account >>> Then there will be a list, click Account Settings >>> Your on the settings now so scroll down and you

How can you delete your Facebook?

Log into Facebook . then Navigate to your profile page and click on your Friends box . Find the friend you would like to defriend, and hover over their name until a box appea

Delete your Facebook?

Go to Account, then click account settings, then at the bottom it says deactivate account(:

How To Delete Facebook?

Please see the "Related Links" section of this answer for a direct link to deleting your Facebook Account.

How do you delet Facebook?

You go to settings and scroll down and it should say deactivate and click deactivate. you will have to provide a password to deactivate.

How to delete a Facebook?

Well you click on your settings and deactivate your account. afterthat you can't go on Facebook for 14 Day's you go on facebook whilebetween 14 days it will cancel. ( I've don

How do you delet you Facebook?

you click options beside the profile and home buttons on the top right. then click account settings, the very last one will be delete account. remember to remind it if you eve
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How can you delete my Facebook?

Go to the account drop down bar on the right side and click on account settings.. Go all the way to the bottom of setting and click deactivate account.although deactivating yo
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How to delete your Facebook?

To delete your Facebook account, click on the "Account" tab in the top right then click "Account Settings." At the bottom of the following page, you will see a link that says
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How do delete Facebook?

You can't, you can only deactivate it.
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When are they deleting Facebook?

They're not going to delete facebook anytime soon. These are all just rumors that people spread. Facebook is too much of a huge community to just delete like that.
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Why are they deleting Facebook?

They aren't atleast not anytime soon, that has been a rumor for a very long time.