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No, i don't think so.


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How do you delete your account from an app?

The easiest way to delete an account from an app is to completely delete the app and then download it again if you would like to make a new account. This will also delete any lingering files or file extensions associated with the app.

How do delete books from the sony app on the computer?

go into the program files and delete system 32

How do you delete files from my itouch?

just hold down on any app, then when they start to shake you'll see an X above the app. click that to delete it.

How do you delete from applications?

Well if u want to delete data from an app, u can for some apps but if u want to just delete the app and download again (ipod/iphone) I'm not sure about face book or myspace sorry

Do you have to pay for an app an MySpace?

No, there is a free MySpace Mobile app developed by MySpace themselves. See the related links below for a link to the app.

Does Myspace Mobster run when you're not signed in?

mobster will continue to run if you turn off your computer! however if you switch to one of the 2 other dons you can create only the active profile will regenerate. avoid the MYMOBSTERS app at all costs or be banned!

How do you delete an app on computers?

rigth click on the app you wanna delete and click delete and there thats how you delete an app from your computer

Will you be charged even if you delete your app?

You will only be charged for an app if you have to pay for the app. You do not get a refund if you delete your app.

Where can you get an iPod Touch for MySpace?

Go to the App Store and search MySpace and download the app. It is free

What is the best app for MySpace?

the myspace app! I tried a search and couldn't find it or I wouldn't have asked.

How can you delete an app that is installed and how long does it take to delete the app?

Yes you can delete it and it is gone the moment you hit delete.

Is there a MySpace street racing app?

MySpace used to be the most popular social networking site. There is no such thing as a MySpace street racing app.

Delete super poke pet from MySpace?

You can go to your settings/account try both look for the section that says"applications" also known as "apps".Then click on the check box by the app you would like to delete. then click options then "delete"

How do you delete files in your psp common without using a computer?

Then you have to run custom firmware. There's a app for the PSP that's called: Explora Run that on your PSP, and you can delete, copy, open files in all folders on your PSP. Hope this helps

How do you delete an app that won't load?

you hold the app and a delete buton will pop up

How can you delete safari app from your ipod touch?

you cant delete it but you can restrict in in the settings app.

Is it possible to delete an app on your ipod touch as it is downloading?

You cannot delete an app as it is downloading. You have to wait for it to finish downloading, and then you can delete it.

How do you get MySpace on itouch?

download an app for it

How do you use Facebook chat on an iPod Touch?

you must get the free app in the app store. the facebook app has "chat" but the myspace app does not have IM. to IM on myspace you must go to safari and actually type it in.

How do you delete Instagram on iPhone?

to delete the app, push and hold on the app until the app begins shaking. Tap the X in the corner and select yes when asked if you wish to delete it

Is there an easier way to find all uninstalled apk files on your HTC Desire 610?

File Expert can help you manage files on Android phone. 1.Install the app onto your phone. 2. Open the app and My Files Tab, select APK Files. 3. Enter Unistalled, tick the files you want to delete and remove them by the trash bin icon at the bottom.

What do you do if an app is not loading?

You can delete it and reload the app agian

How can you delete a miscrit account on facebook?

Miscrits is an app that is featured on Facebook. To delete a Miscirt account, you will need to remove the app from your profile. To remove an app, hover the mouse over the app you wish to remove. Once you see an "x", select to delete the app.

How do you delete apps from a Kindle Fire?

To delete an app on a Kindle Fire you click and hold the app you want to delete and then options come up.

If you delete your app store on your iPod how do you get it back?

It is not possible to delete the App Store. It stays on your iPod forever.

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