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Yeah, if you do, the bank would issue a stop payment on the cheque.

If you try to deny after encashing the cheque the bank would file a legal case against you

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Q: Can you deny a bank loan after receiving the check?
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Can a bank deny a loan because of felony?

no they can't

Do you have to pay taxes on a check that is in your name?

It depends entirely on why you are receiving the check. For example, if you are receiving the check for services rendered, then yes. For example, if you are receiving a loan or a gift, then no. There is nothing special about receiving a check. The same principles apply whether you receive a check, cash, bank transfer, a goat, or a sack of magic beans.

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Can a bank reissue you a loan check for other use?

ask them...

Can you get loan have it put on your debit card instead of bank?


How is it that I am paying on a loan when the check the bank handed me hasn't been cashed by the payee?

Whatever the payee does with the check is immaterial. You borrowed money from the bank and are legally obligated to pay the loan back.

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That depends on the bank or other company that issued the loan.

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