Can you die from cervical cancer?

Cervical Cancer Fatalities

Yes. Annually 14,000 women are diagnosed with the cancer and 3,900 of them die. It is the biggest killer of women of all medical conditions.

Worldwide, including 3rd world countries, half-a million women are diagnosed with cervical cancer and more than 243,000 of them die (virtually half!!!)

That's why pap smears once a year are a good thing, I've had it in my mid 20s and if caught right away NO YOU CANNOT DIE FROM IT unless you ignore the symptoms. I had a cone biopsy done and was just fine and I'm 65 years olds and no sign of it coming back, but I get those yearly check-ups!

The biggest killer in women is NOT cervical cancer, but the silent killer "Ovarian Cancer." It ceases to amaze me why this should be silent killer at all because it only takes a scan to find out if you have orvarian cancer and if you should be unlucky enough to have it catching it right away will save your life! You can request from your doctor (and you will probably have to pay for it) a scan done on your ovaries. It's worth it! There is no age barrier for ovarian cancer!


Like any other Cancer, Cervical Cancer is treatable. However, the treatment is not 100% preventable, and there is a risk of death. If you want to know more, I strongly suggest you talk to your doctor.