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Yes. The long term effects of smoking on health, including cancer and Heart disease are well documented.

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โˆ™ 2008-10-14 14:47:15
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Q: Can you die if you smoke?
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Which two different meanings does Ralph have when he says we've got to make smoke up there - or die?

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What happens if you smoke cinamon?

you die

Will kids die if they try a smoke?

hi do kids die if they try a smoke or does it hurt your lungs when you are eleven

Why do people die who don't smoke?

Second hand smoke is at least as deadly as first hand, if not more. Exposure to second hand smoke can kill. If you are asking why people who don't smoke, and aren't exposed to cigarette smoke die, well, ... everyone is going to die at some point. That's just how it is.

If you smoke will you definetly die?

Yes. Probably sooner than if you do not smoke.

Can you die if you smoke and have pneumonia?

Don't smoke. (period)

How do cats die from smoke?

secondhand smoke just like humans

Can you die if you smoke and you have pneumonia?

Don't smoke. (period)

How people that do not smoke suffer the effects of ciggerate smoke?

people that do not smoke suffer because its 2nd hand smoke the smoke can hurt you even if you dont smoke and you can die form 2nd hand smoke

when did pop smoke die?

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Do smoke eaters die from lung cancer?

"Smoke eaters are machines that can filter the air in a home or business to eliminate the small of cigarette smoke. Because they are machines, they will not die of cancer!"

Why do the batteries on smoke detectors die?

Because the smoke detector uses power while trying to detect smoke.

What do you call it when you die of breathing in toxic fumes or smoke?

Smoke or chemical inhalation

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yes if you smoke one bit of it u can die

Can smoke kill you?

Yes. People die every year of smoke inhalation.

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What happens when you smoke tobacco?

when you smoke tobacco you die 8 minutes before you are supposed to. Example: if you die at 3:46a.m you regularly were supposed to die at 3:54a.m

What can happen to you when you smoke a cigarette?

you will die

Can you smoke marijuana after anesthesia?

No you will die

Can you die if you have asthma and you smoke?


Is it deadly to smoke parsley?