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Can you die laughing?

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Only if you stop breathing, but it isn't likely.

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Can you die from laughing gas?

YES you can die from laughing gas it can be fun to use but you can die from it :(

What is the duration of Die Laughing film?

The duration of Die Laughing - film - is 1.8 hours.

When was Die Laughing - film - created?

Die Laughing - film - was created on 1980-05-23.

When was Die Laughing - song - created?

Die Laughing - song - was created on 1994-05-30.

Is it possible for a human to die laughing?

Yes, it is very easy to choke when you are laughing.

Is it possible for someone to die from laughing?

It is very possible. since you breath out when laughing, you can laugh wayyyyyy too much, not get a breath, and die.

Can you die from laughing?

Technically yes, and it has happened. If someone was to die from laughing it would be because while laughing your heart is working much harder and your breaths are much more shallow/short. The heart of someone who is continuously laughing will have to work harder and harder with less than average air. So in terms of laughing causing a heart attack or cardiac arrest (which has happened and has been on the spike tv show 1000 ways to die) you can die.

Would Sonic recolours make you die laughing?


What actors and actresses appeared in Die Laughing - 2010?

The cast of Die Laughing - 2010 includes: Nick Grock as Superman Johanna Telander as Harley Quinn

Can you die from laughting too much?

as i was told, yes you can die from laughing too much

Has anyone died while laughing?

Yes, it was quite unfortunate. A man in rural Poland literally died from laughing in his farmhouse. He was eating and wouldn't stop laughing causing him to choke and die.

Can you die of laughing?

Of course! If you laugh while walking into traffic....

How many people a year die from laughing?


Can you be sick from laughing?

I don't think so but it's possible to be sore from muscle contractions from laughing and even die from lack of oxygen.

What are the release dates for The Defenders - 1961 Die Laughing 3-25?

The Defenders - 1961 Die Laughing 3-25 was released on: USA: 11 April 1964

What are the ratings and certificates for Danger Mouse - 1981 Die Laughing 1-8?

Danger Mouse - 1981 Die Laughing 1-8 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G

Can fat boys die from laughing hard?

no they cant. i know from my brother.

Can you die of laughing gas or not?

Yes, it's rare, but still possible.

What is a simile for the fourth of July?

Laughing like you're going to die.

What are the release dates for The Nurses - 1962 You Could Die Laughing 1-27?

The Nurses - 1962 You Could Die Laughing 1-27 was released on: USA: 18 April 1963

What is a descriptive way to say die laughing?

Became deceased due to laughter.

Do one die when laughing too much?

i have read history and there are stories of people that actually died for laughing too much. from philosofers to kings to ice cream salesman hahaha this last one died while laughing on his sleep.

What is the funnyest way to die?

Die laughing? Die being kissed? Die being pooed or peed on? Die having lots of homework? What's the answer?

What is the present progressive tense of laugh?

I am laughingWe/You/They are laughingHe/She/It is laughing

No pues te vaz a morirde la risa to English?

No, You will die laughing. Roughly