Can you die laughing

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Only if you stop breathing, but it isn't likely.

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Q: Can you die laughing
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Can you die from laughing gas?

YES you can die from laughing gas it can be fun to use but you can die from it :(

When was Die Laughing created?

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What is the duration of Die Laughing film?

The duration of Die Laughing - film - is 1.8 hours.

When was Die Laughing - song - created?

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When was Die Laughing - film - created?

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Could you die form laughing?

No my dear! You can't die from laughing! Believe it or not it actually helps you live longer!

Is it possible for a human to die laughing?

Yes, it is very easy to choke when you are laughing.

Is it possible for someone to die from laughing?

It is very possible. since you breath out when laughing, you can laugh wayyyyyy too much, not get a breath, and die.

What does dtfl mean?

Die The F*** Laughing

Can you die from laughing?

Technically yes, and it has happened. If someone was to die from laughing it would be because while laughing your heart is working much harder and your breaths are much more shallow/short. The heart of someone who is continuously laughing will have to work harder and harder with less than average air. So in terms of laughing causing a heart attack or cardiac arrest (which has happened and has been on the spike tv show 1000 ways to die) you can die.

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