Can you disable 3d on a 3d tv?

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I can't imagine you can. You can only watch 3D programming on a specified 3D channel on your cable/satellite service, so there would be no need to disable it. So essentially, if you don't want to watch 3D, don't watch the channel.
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What is 3D TV?

It is television or video that gives its viewers a perception of depth. That is, a viewer can feel the depth of different objects while watching TV. The same perception of depth was possible earlier with Stereoscopic TV. This perception of depth is given to the viewers by providing slightly diffe ( Full Answer )

Is there a 3d tv?

Yes, there are loads of 3D TVs arriving in 2010. Currently LG and Samsung have 3D TVs released in the US and Korea. Expect other manufacturers to follow suit in the summer.

Can you watch 3d on regular tv?

Yes if you plug your computer into your tv and it has nvidia 3d support then use sterescopic when you set it up instead of classes

When are 3D TV coming to England?

They are already here. Samsung and Panasonic 3D TVs can be bought right now with Sony and LG expected in June before the World Cup.

How does a 3D TV work?

3D TV work its like a normal tv but you dont wear 3D glasses thats all you need to know :)

Does 3d tv only play in 3d?

All 3D TVs can show both 2D and 3D images. You simply have to change its mode from 2D or 3D. It depends on which content you are watching.

Who invented the 3d tv?

John Logie Baird, who invented television in 1923, demonstrated a "Stereoscopic" 3D television system in 1928, and improved it until his death in 1946.

When was 3d tv invented?

3D has been around for many years but the 3D television has been on the market since March 2010

When was the 3d tv invented?

The first 3D television was demonstrated in 1929 by John Logie Baird, the inventor of the world's first working television system. It was based on his original "Televisor" system. Sadly, Baird was ahead of his time and the technology at his disposal wasn't up to the commercial release of 3D and so i ( Full Answer )

When was the 3D TV made?

1928 The 3D TV was designed, physically made, demonstrated and used for actual transmissions by John Logie Baird, the Scottish inventor who invented the first system of television transmission, colour transmission, HD, Colour HDand widescreen transmission. In 1928, before his mechanical red-and-b ( Full Answer )

Will you have to have a 3D tv to play 3D games?

Yes. You cannot have the 3D effect without a 3D TV even if your game supports 3D. There are many 3D TVs so it is well worth trying out some models before purchasing.

Who had the first 3d tv?

The first 3D television was demonstrated by John Logie Baird in 1928. It was experimental and never went into production but nonetheless, represented the world's first 3D television technology. It has taken the industry another eighty years to reach a point where 3D is commercially viable and tech ( Full Answer )

Does 3D television need 3D telecast?

Yes. the telecast is of a special form. But it is still just the projection of a series of pictures that differ from each other. The seen picture is still 2D, but we trick the eyes into thinking it is 3D. In the same way that a series of pictures moving at more than 24 frames per second, will appear ( Full Answer )

Can you get 3d TV on normal TV?

Hi, No To view 3D TV you need to have different technology which is not present in normal TV. There are many branded 3D television like Sony, Panasonic etc available in the market.

Do you need 3D glasses with a 3D tv?

Currently, all commercial 3D televisions require glasses. There are some concept models that do not require glasses but they are not in full production and are not considered to be market ready at present. The future of 3D will be heading towards viewing without glasses but there is a way to go be ( Full Answer )

Can you make any tv 3d?

No, the current active 3D LCD and Plasma TV's need special transmitters that sync with the television's screen refresh to switch between the two eye's viewpoints. This infrared transmitted signal is picked up by LCD shutter glasses. The passive 3D model has a polarizing filter built into the screen ( Full Answer )

What Makes Television 3d Television?

There are 2 systems: active (which uses special glasses with electronic shutters) and passive (which uses polarization and special glasses).

What are 3d TVs?

a 3d telly is a television that conveys depth perception to the viewer by employing techniques such as stereoscopic display. Most modern 3D television sets use an active shutter 3D system or a polarized 3D system and some are autostereoscopic without the need of glasses.

Can you watch any TV program in 3d with 3d TV?

Some 3D televisions have a 3D simulation facility that tries to recreate a 3D image from 2D content. Don't expect it to be the same standard as content originated in 3D. The feature must be treated as a bonus and not a reason to buy one model over another.

Can you watch TV channels in 3d on a 3d TV?

No, unless you don't watch Direct TV or have 2D to 3D Conversion TV. However, not all the 3D TVs are capable of converting 2D to 3D. Therefore, answer is Yes and No. You will be able to watch TV channels in 3D on 3D TVs like LG but not on such like a Vizio because they don't support 2D to 3D convers ( Full Answer )

Can 3D TV hurt your brain?

I read an article about it. It says one specific type of 3D TV which is different from in theater can cause epileptic seizures. A pediatirc neurologist, Dr. Jennifer Cohen says (quote) The 3D technology that is coming out for home use is a little more worrisome for people because it uses this active ( Full Answer )

What was the purpose of 3D TV?

To allow a new way for one to connect to their TV, it is very successful and 3D without glasses will be the standard the next couple of years. Also the thought of 3D in your family room instead of going to the movies is pretty cool. Contact me Via Facebook:jptech411 Twitter:jptech411 Yout ( Full Answer )

Do you want to buy 3D TV?

yeah, I really do, but I have low budget that I can't afford it . I wanna buy 3d TV which really match with my budget.

Is 3d TV has flicker?

Well friend, not all 3D tv has flicker problem. only the 3d tv which is using old 3D technology(SG).

How flicker occurs in 3D TV?

Flicker occurs when the right & left images are out of sync with the glasses. When the glasses are properly synchronized, there is no noticeable flicker.

Which 3D TV is not harmful for our eyes?

We're all different, and our eyes will respond differently to 3D images - so there's no guarantee that any 3D TV will not be harmful - though when we say harmful it's unlikely that anyone would experience long term issues. More likely some short term dizziness or nausea can be expected for a minor ( Full Answer )

I am a social worker and have foundation for the physically disabled person. I want a 3D TV to make feel the excitement of the sports and other thing. please recommend a 3D TV for them.?

One has to be concerned that a social worker would consider such a luxury as 3D television to be a priority in such a setting. 3D is not an easy image to view because of the glasses among other reasons. Why not consider instead a large 2D television with a clear, high contrast image that can be vi ( Full Answer )

What is Best 3D TV?

LG currently has the best consumer 3D television. It uses passive polarized glasses, like the movie theaters do. These glasses are very cheap (about $15 a pair) and do not required batteries or recharging like active glasses ($100 +) do.

What is your advice for the 3D TV?

I would check out the new LG Cinema 3D screens. They are the first to use passive (non-electrical) glasses like the theaters do. The glasses are much cheaper and lighter weight than any of the active-shutter types.

What TV accessories are available for a 3d TV?

some accessories for a 3d tv would be 3d glasses with an emitter, a 3d adapter, a remote, and HDMI cables. You can often find these accessories in a kit made specifically to go with 3d tvs.

Does the 3DS have TV?

Not at The Moment But Later In November (I Think) The 3DS Will Get An Update Featuring Hulu Plus Which Lets You Watch Movies & TV Shows.

What is the best 3D TV at the moment?

I think you need to be a little more specific about the criteria for the best 3D TV. You should consider type, price range and others. Samsung has a strong reputation at present but it is vital that you audition a range of televisions before you make your decision. Don't ever be tempted to go on t ( Full Answer )

Why do you get crosstalks with 3D TV and how do you prevent it?

If you're getting crosstalks, you probably have an active 3D TV. Active 3D TVs use shutter glass technology. The images are sent to each lens of the 3D glasses one at a time. Only one of your eyes is supposed to see the image at a time but sometimes both of your eyes see the same image at the same t ( Full Answer )

What is the best 3D LED TV?

Number one according to most reveiws is a panasonic model P54VT25, no 2 is a Sumsung PN50C8000.

What is the most affordable 3D TV?

Prices vary from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Remember that the most affordable may not be the best choice. More money will offer better features. Most importantly, audition the televisions and make sure you enjoy watching them. Choose the model that is most enjoyable and mo ( Full Answer )

Which is the most comfortable 3D TV?

The most comfortable 3D television is a matter of personal preference. Every viewer has an opinion about which model they prefer. If you are considering the purchase of a 3D television, it is important that you view several models so that you can decide for yourself which are comfortabel to view.

Do you have to watch everything in 3D on your 3D TV?

3D TV is capable of showing both 2D and 3D images so you can always switch between 2D and 3D. You just need to turn on the 3D mode when watching 3D movies or 3D filmed TV programs that streams from cable/satelite. Then switch to 2D mode when watching regular 2D programs, and it goes the same when yo ( Full Answer )

Is there a glasses-free 3D TV?

Glasses free 3D is at an experimental stage at present. The few examples are expensive and not impressive quality either. It will improve and the costs will come down in the future but if you are considering 3D television, don't wait for glasses free systems - it will be a long wait for you.

Are Samsung 3D TVs passive 3D TVs?

No, Samsung 3D TVs are active 3D TVs. Unlike passive models, the active technology allows full resolution images to be used. Passive televisions avoid switching the image from one eye to the other but at the expense of vertical resolution.

How are Vizio passive 3D TVs?

Vizio models are cheap and perhaps not the best 3D quality available. However, they are good value for money and if you like the pictures they produce, they are worth buying.

Which 3D TV has Cinema 3D technology?

Cinema 3D is the term LG uses for their 3D technology. This does not apply to all LG models. Only the passive 3D line in models that start with LW. Ex: LW6500, LW5600.

Where do you get 3D contents to watch on a 3D TV?

There are a lot of 3D DVDs available. Broadcast 3D is becoming more common and there are also on line sources for 3D content as well. 3D content will become more common as the market penetration increases in the next year or two.

What are the benefits of 3D TV?

You no longer have to feel like you must go to the movie theaters or pay for the pricy tickets. . You can control your environment such as pausing, rewinding, fast-forwarding. . 3DTVs are being made even cheaper (especially LCD) to the point that you can now buy an HDTV that happens to be a 3DTV s ( Full Answer )

Can a non 3D movie be played as 3D on a 3D TV?

Yes, you can convert non 3d movies to 3d if your 3d-player or TV allows it. The result varies between movies, some get good 3d, some not so much. This process makes the response time (ms) on the TV slower and is therefore not recommended for games.

Can you make a 3d tv not 3d?

All 3D TV's include an option to turn the 3D effect off on the remote, or through the option menus.

Is 3D TV the same as a smart TV?

A 3D television is able to display a 3D television signal.. A smart television has a network capability and will be able to display content from Internet streaming servers, download and display files and access content on local networks in many cases.. The majority of 3D televisions are also smart ( Full Answer )

What is the average price of a 3D TV?

3D TVs dropped in price significantly over the past few months. An actual good estimate as of pricing is $799 - $1199 according to various review sites.