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Can you dispute an eviction?


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Sure you can: is the eviction for wrongful reasons, such as retaliation from an assertion of your legal rights? Or are you talking about an eviction on your record? If the eviction is lawful then no you can't.


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No, a stay of eviction is simply a delay in the eviction process, which may be the result of a dispute, such as of how much rent to pay.

This is a contract dispute, so it's probably six years.

Generally speaking, you can't. An eviction will stay on your record forever, but falls off of your credit report after seven years. If you feel the judgment is in error you can dispute it with the County Clerk's office or prothonotary of the county in which that record is located

in a commercial eviction does the landlord need to apply to a court for an eviction notice?

If you weren't served an eviction notice and the case did not go to court, there will not be an eviction on your record. You can check the court records in your county to make sure there isn't an eviction on your record.

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Not if the eviction is for non-payment of rent. If he collects rent in this case he cannot proceed with the eviction. If the eviction is for other reasons this does not apply.

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Answernot likely these thing are genaly stored for a while with a particular agent and goes no further. Answer The eviction notice would only become public if an eviction lawsuit was filed. In that case, the eviction notice would be an exhibit to the complaint for eviction.

An illegal eviction is an eviction where the landlord did not follow the state statutory requirements on evictions. Requirements on evictions will vary from state to state.

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what are the eviction laws in Florida on a month to month lease

Eviction is not a criminal action it is a civil action.

A stipulation in an eviction is a agreement where the landlord and tenant agree to something, such as a move-out date, payment of rent for dismissal of the eviction, etc.

If it can be proved that eviction will cause immense hardship or harm the tenant permanently, the eviction can be stayed. That, however, takes the intervention of a judge.

Yes, an eviction will follow you any where in the united states!

Legally how much time for eviction after foreclosure in arkansas?

Appear in court to contest the attempted eviction or settle with the landlord.

A partial payment will stop an eviction but the landlord must be willing to accept it. If they will not accept a partial payment, the eviction will proceed forward.

It is one part of the whole eviction process. The writ is what you give to the Sheriff for the eviction. Then the Sheriff goes to the property and does what they need to according to lawful procedures.

This depends upon the reason for the eviction, as the process is normally faster when it's an eviction for nonpayment of rent. An eviction process for this type of eviction is about three weeks from the date the eviction is filed, keeping in mind that before the eviction can get filed the landlord must post a three day notice on the door or deliver it otherwise to the tenant. If the eviction is for other reasons than the process can be longer but the tenant will still have to pay rent, more likely to the clerk's office instead of the landlord (the landlord will eventually get that money -14% in fees for the clerk).

Can you learn how to spell? Yes, it appears on your credit report as an EVICTION.

Only the person/landlord who put the eviction on can remove it or a court judgment in your favor.

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Yes if you have an eviction before you file bankruptcy. All action on your eviction will cease until the bankruptcy judge or trustee has made decisions on your debts in the bankruptcy.

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