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If your talkin about Taijutsu, youd probably kill yourself. If youre talking about the other ones, Id say no unless you think theres is such thing as Charkra and stuff :P No offence if you do though :|

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15y ago
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Kind of. you can get a "Wrist Ball" which spins in all directions in 8000rpm. It is fast and destructive. I still have a patch on my stomach.

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13y ago

Yes u can


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Q: Can you do real Naruto moves in real Life?
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Does Naruto exist?

I don't know is this what you mean but Naruto does not exist in real life but it does in manga dude.

Is it possible to use chakra like naruto?

Not in real life.

How do you have the sharingan?

Well no one in real life has it because naruto is a cartoon.

How come the Beyblades on tv is stronger then real life?

They are not real it is a TV show. Beyblades in real life do have special moves.

Will Ultimate Ninja 5 come to America?

when you see naruto in real life

How would Sasuke look in real life from naruto?

In real life, Sasuke would probably look the same without the sharingan and less cartoony.

Is chakra in Naruto real?

some characters are real. they record things that happen to them in real life and give it to the anime people to publish into naruto. but to tell you, the character naruto is not real. he was like a teammate sasuke had named joshua.

If Naruto is real where is he?

Naruto is not real. He is a character in an Anime series. Naruto is real but if some people think hes not real then that's them. he is belive me

Is chakra from Naruto real?

ok no offence but NOTHING from naruto is real

Are Naruto pepale real?

NO {But i wish} That would be awesome if they were REAL. Sadly naruto people are not real.:(

What is Naruto's real email?

Naruto is a fictional character, he does not have an email address but he is real.

What moves does Naruto learn in Naruto path of the ninja?

he learns water bomb justu naruto uzimaki barrage and others