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In real life, Sasuke would probably look the same without the sharingan and less cartoony.

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Q: How would Sasuke look in real life from naruto?
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What girl from Naruto would look Link be a good couple with?

naruto-hinata shikamaru-ino neji-tenten sasuke-sakura

Does Naruto kiss Tenten?

Sasuke And Naruto Kissed. On Accident Though. Some Character In Naruto, He Wasn't A Main Character Or Supporting Character, But He Was Behind Naruto. While Naruto Was Giving Sasuke A Disgusted Look, And Naruto Was Close Enough To Accidently Kiss Sasuke, But The Guy Put His Arm Back And Bumped Naruto Into Kissing Sasuke. Totally On Accident Though.

Is Sasuke cuter than Neji?

in my opinion NEJI!!!! but if it were in real life sasuke neji would look strange but not ugly

Who would win Sasuke or Naruto in the fight about to happen?

I have to disagree with you. Sure Sage mode is powerful and Naruto's newsest shuriken rasengan is amazing but you have to account for all of sasuke's newest abilities too. Sasuke's major powers include: his ocular powers with his new sharingan mangekyou, Kirin ( Dragon made of lightning), the black flames of the sasuke amaterasu and the powers Itachi gave his unlocking sasuke's susanoo. When you look at sheer talent and power Sasuke wins; his eyes are too strong for naruto to beat.

Does Sasuke look at play boy?

NO WAY (but some times he does cuz naruto makes him) but lets ask sasuke himself. so sasuke do you look at play boy sometimes?"well no cuz if i did then well ........that would be just gross seriosly... people who look at play boy alot ... GO F*** OF (but not for people who other people make them look at it)" so sasuke does not look at play boy YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY FOR SASUKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S PUGS ARE CUTE JUST LIKE SASUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What does sasuke look like in naruto ultamite ninja storm 2?

exactly as he does in the anime

Why did naruto hate Sasuke?

Naruto hates Sasuke because he hates the fact that he's always acts cool, and makes him slef look good when it comes to combat. And maybe the fact that Sakura likes Sasuke and not him :P And plus they used to be great friends,that is until Sasuke changed.

Why does Sasuke kiss Naruto i mean Naruto is on the floor and its raining and Sasuke kisses Naruto?

i think your mistaken, in that episode sasuke drops to the ground and does NOT kiss naruto, but takes his last look at naruto face to face before he leaves the village. with great pain he gets up and leaves. where ever you saw naruto and sasuke kiss was probably in episode 3 or 4, when it was just very funny, or it was altered by computer. OH I think that this person mean's a SasuNaru comic I think or it an episode of Naruto like I said I don't know.

Will Ino leave Konoha to search for Sasuke?

no. naruto will probably kill sasuke or bring him back to konoha, i don't think she needs to look for him.

Is there any 3D Naruto MMORPG?

Naiteki-KenseiThis is a Half Life Mod, it has four characters to play as. They include Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, and Sakura. (Note they are not Shippuden)SecondLifeThis game isn't completely based on Naruto, but there are Naruto servers. You can also dress your character to look like someone from Naruto.

Does seth from dinosaur king look the same as sasuke from Naruto?

i personally don't see it...sry

Does saske ever become good?

maybe we dont know yet cuz lf you look in the manga you see naruto see sasuke and does r and c and than after that naruto talk to sasuke and stuff and sasuke says i dont understand here ccopy this link and poste