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Can you dowload action replay codes onto your action replay ds without the disc?


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February 25, 2009 12:19AM

yes. 1.find the codes game ID's on the internet, then go to the ar's menu. press *. press add new game (if your game's already on it, press your game's name, and go to THIS PAGE'S sec.2.) type in the name, and press ==> next. type in the game ID, and press ==> next. (it will be a game button now, so you can add more cheats if you want to later.) 2. press add new code/cheat. name the cheat whatever you want, and press ==> next. type in the cheat code, and press ==> next (pokemon d/p often have extemely long codes, which stinks.) put your game in, and press the orange <= button till you go to ar menu. press * to select your cheats and turn them on.