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Can you download a update your video card?

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yes go the manufactures web site and get the latest drivers and firmware for your video card. files usually found under the download link off of the main page.

2006-07-22 20:00:29
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Why is video running slow?

You need to update your video card, and try cleaning your computer.

Can you download a video card from the internet without a CD?

A video card is hardware, and as such cannot be downloaded because it is a physical thing. Perhaps you meant to ask about video card drivers, which certainly are available for download.

Can you go update to 5.00 on PSP without UMD?

You can download the update and copy it to the memory card, then run the update on the PSP itself.

Can i upgrade my graphics card on a advent 7040?

You can upgrade/update your 'Graphic Card' on ANY laptop or computer 'Video Card' = 'Graphic Card' Search 'Video Card' for more help.

Where on your computer can you find a video card driver?

Go to your video card manufacturer's website and they should have a download page. This is where you should be able to download the latest drivers.

What Windows tool can you use to update your video card drivers?

Device Manager

Installed game x men-3 but it gives error of could not initialize direct 3d?

Update your video card drivers and make sure that your video card supports Direct 3D if not then you're going to need to update the card itself.

How do you update your video drivers?

If you're unable to find drivers for your video card the manufacturer may no longer offer support for that card. If support is no longer offered by the manufacturer, you can then use Windows drivers instead. Just right click on your video card under your system's components and select Update Driver.

What Situations you might find it useful to update the video drivers?

when you install a new video card When you upgrade your system

How do you update video card files?

I assume you mean drivers. To update a video card drive you must visit the cards manufacturer website.To Find Out Your Video Card:On Windows 7 or Vista:1. Search and Open RUN2. Type dxdiag and Enter3. Open the Display Tab.4. It will tell you your video card's name.

Can you download shader model 2.0 for free?

You cannot download this. It either comes or doesn't on your video card. I have the same problem and I just have to go buy a new video card. Any one that says you can download this is a lie.

What driver do you need for your graphics card?

it depends on which video card you have. you can go to and search for your specific graphics card and download from there or you can go to the website of the company that made the card and download the driver

Can you download video games with a PlayStation network card?

If you have a playstation network card, you can download anything from the playstation store, as long as you don't exceed the money limit on the card.

How do you update your video card drivers so you can play minecraft?

You can either update the software or buy a new video driver altogether. It works on newer laptops like a Dell Inspiron

Nvidia graphics card vanta lt what driver do you use to update it for second life gaming?

i want to download the graphic card

What do you do if the pixel format is not accelerated in minecraft?

Update the driver for your video card. The first place to look for current drivers is the card manufacturer's website. If that doesn't work, unfortunately, it won't work with that video card.

Can you download a new video card?

Nope, you can update the software driver, but not the card. A video card is what people call: Hardware. Hardware is a solid piece of a computer, something you can pick up and throw at your buddy. Software is something that is installed. A video card installs a driver on your computer, what it installs is software, you can update it, but it won't make it that much better. If you have some poo, you can polish it to make it look less crappy. But if you want something that will look good, you gotta throw that poo away and get a piece of gold. Get what I'm saying? In other words. Graphic card sucks Solution= get a new one

How do you update OpenGL on Windows XP?

OpenGL is an API provided by your graphics card driver. To update it, you need to download newer drivers for your graphics card. If this does not resolve your issue, you will need to purchase a new graphics card to use the application.

Where can you download drivers for a Cirrus Logic CL-GD54M30 video card?

vga drivers is download

How do you download video from YouTube to memory card?

Only the uploader of the video is guaranteed to be able to download a video file from YouTube onto their own USB or device. If a video is claimed by a copyright owner, then nobody will be able to download the video from the YouTube website, not even the uploader.

Can you install an update of Nvidia video-card on your Intel graphics card?

An update for a program to fix issues with NVIDIA cards will not have any effect with Intel graphics. You cannot use NVIDIA-specific programs on your Intel card.

When i play PC games... the video gets choppy. what can I do?

its possible that your game is not good enought for the video games or you need to update your video card and install graphic card files like Direct X

What do video card drivers do?

A driver tells your computer how to use the video card you installed. Usually they are included with any software that you buy, if not, you can download it from the manufacturer's website.

Can you get hacked of your credit card information if you pressed on a link to download a video?


DS r4 card help you have the blank card and everything but what software do you need for it?

"You need to get the R4 Update at and follow the steps on the website" No...You need to download the firmware which is on your r4 card itself. For example, you will see a website on the card, go there and download the firmware.