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Can you download a whole song to a cellphone?


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May 31, 2007 5:32PM

The answer is yes, but some of the catches are how old your phone is and what features are available, Storage capacity and operability via a data cable to a PC, and as well what media types are supported. Most, if not all, higher end models of cell phones support Media playback for common sound files such as WMA (Windows Media Audio) and MP3. Chances are, if you play a song, and it's a soundbite (a sampling of part of a song) rather than the whole song, then it's probably a ring tone. In theory, unless your cell phone can take a Micro SD (memory) card, it will have limited storage capacity built into the phone .... probably 128 MB (Megabytes) or less. A good example of a phone that has a feature for playing media files and takes a Micro SD card is Kyocera's (C) KX5 (Slider and Slider Remix), which is a CDMA enabled phone, and is used by carriers such as Alltel and Cricket.