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No not unless you have an iPod touch, other than that your stuck. iPod touch has iTunes built into it.


If Ipod touch is new:You MUST HAVE A COMPUTER!Otherwise you cant start your ipod up fully!

If Ipod is used(Somehow...):U Prolly dont have to have a comp

Hope that helped!~S4CR3D W0LF


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2010-07-17 20:59:40
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2008-08-31 21:39:43

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Q: Can you download music onto a computer without using an ipod?
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Can you download music onto an iPhone without using a computer?

Yes, you can use the iTunes app on the iPhone to download music.

Is there a way to download music in the apple ipod from the computer without using itunes?

To upoad to the ipod, yes, but you can retrieve music from anywhere to place on itunes.

How do you download music from your computer to your phone?

By using a USB cable.

Where is a website where i can download music using a library computer?

i tunes

Where can you download nightcore music without using LimeWire?

Delet this

How do you download music from you ipod to your computer?

You can do it using a number of software applications out there, or you can do it simply using the ipod as an external drive

How do you load music on your ipod without using iTunes?

yes you can get music on your ipod without using itunes you can either use different websites or you can get them off of a playlist in your computer or someone elses computer

How can you download music from your computer to your ipod touch?

there are lots of way of downloading music to your ipod using itunes and others. But for me, i download some musics in a website called

How can you download photos onto ipod touch without using a computer?

fly to America

Can you delete music from your ipod without using a computer?

No you need to use itunes for that

How do you download music using 7zip?

To download music using 7Zip you need to open and access the file, select the music you wish to download and begin download when prompted.

Where can you download ethiopian music for free?

I download music by using AudiCable Audio Recorder. Google this app and download it. It can convert songs from all kinds of streaming music sources like MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, AIFF plain formats. Then I can really own these downloaded songs without restrictions.

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