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You need to have iTunes installed. If you do not have the install disk you can download it from You can also make it a Linux device and would no longer need itunes, but you will not be able to use any music you bought from apples itunes store.

You HAVE to have itunes unfortunately (

PS: sometime iPod cant support some music files such as .wma .asf ...May be u still need a third software to assist u to convert them to the right format .mp3 !

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 14:39:39
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Q: Can you download music onto an iPod Nano using Windows XP without iPod software?
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Where on the internet can I download free wwe music for windows 98?

I would go to, download the free software, and use that.

Where can you download music for free without signing up?

windows media...........(if you have a CD and you are trying to get in on the computer)

Can you get music on Pivot Stickfigure Animator without Windows Movie Maker?

Yes, you can get Pivot Stick-figure Animation software as a FREE Download. Visit the URL I've posted below for the download:

Is there a music download that you dont have to download software that might give you a virus?

There are music download sites that are trusted to offer virus-free music downloads and they don't require one to download a software. Examples are Yahoo Music and iTunes.

How do you download music on the huawei m635?

You can download a software on your computer that can download music for huawei m635 from

How do you download music software?

Type in Limewire Download on Google.

How do you save music on your computer?

it's of two ways; it's either you buy a music CD to copy to computer or you download from Internet. to download from Internet, just click on download after download, it is automatically saved. if it's CD to computer; all u have to do is to slot in the music CD and go to windows media player, a music software installed on your system to copy music from CDs, click on the copy from CD and in no time it gets saved on your CD, that is you play the same song without slotting in the same CD. if you don't have it installed purchase yours, i mean this particular one or another music software.

How do you download music to windows 7 mobile?

u click download music then plug into computer

How do you download music to add to Windows Movie Maker?

You can download music from just about anywhere on the internet, or rip it from a CD for use in Windows Movie Maker.

Can you download music from Imesh to a Macintosh computer?

iMesh software only works with the Windows operating system because it uses the Windows Media Digital Rights Management (DRM) system to protect the music supplied. If you have Windows installed on a Mac then it can be used. If you are looking to download free music then you should try this website!

Is windows media player music free?

you have to download the music online

Can you put music into a Phillips Go Gear without Windows Media Player?

You should be able to. If you download the file from the internet(do it legally) you can then move them to the device without using the windows media player.

How do you put music on your computer from the internet?

You can do it by download directly from various music sites or you can use software for download.

How do you put music on digital music player?

You would need to connect your Music player to your computer/laptop. Then if your music player already came with the software you would download it. It is recommended that you download the software first then connect the Music Player. Your question is very broad, there are many many types of music player out there so unless you specifically ask for a certain brand or type it is difficult to give you step by step guide. But once you upload the software and connect your music player (usually you would need a USB cord to connect) to your computer you would just follow the directions on the software and you can also go to the help section of the software to guide you better. If for some reason your music player didn't come with a software, than most of the music players are compatible to be able to connect to your WMP (Windows Media Player) it is available only in Windows based computers.

Where do you get the software required to convert a mac formatted iPod Nano to a windows formatted iPod Nano?

talk to APPLE about this one hun. if u go on the apple website, you can download the software to convert ur music to windows media player or mac x

What is software and music piracy?

It is when a program or music is taken and used without buying it first. The creator of that music or software does not get the money for their work. It is stealing software or music.

Can you create music with windows?

of course. you just have to find the software that does that.

How do I import iTunes music onto Movie Maker without downloading new software?

You will be surprised just how easy it is to import your music from iTunes into Movie Maker... And you don't have to download any software whatsoever!The video Tutorial I've posted below shows "step-by-step" instructions on how to import your iTunes music into the Windows Movie Maker program:

What sites are good to download free music for windows media player?

Hello, I see you want free music but.. remember that copyright laws are against downloading music,software,and any kind of other files that are paid for free.

How do you download YouTube music to your windows phone?

I download YouTube music with AnyUTube - AmoyShare.It is easy to operate.Installing the software to my phone first.Typing the keywords or Pasting URL on the search bar.Previewing the video, and then downloading it.The main reason why I choose it is that it allows me to download the YouTube playlist.It is cool.

Where can you download tna music to windows media player?


Where can you download music to a mp3?

on itunes or windows media player

What software that can erase the singer voice or erase only the music?

IN LIMEWIRE YOU CAN DOWNLOAD A MUSIC AND YOU CAN ALSO ERASE MUSIC Improved Answer: Unfortunately I don't know how to do this, but that answer doesn't answer the question. Limewire is a software that is used to download music for free (IT'S ILLEGAL).

What is a website to download music from?

there is no website, it is a software or something for itunes.

Is there a music box creator software you can download for free?

No. :p