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Yes, I've done it several times over three summers. Of course it's not a good idea to leave it empty for very long (since the pressure of the water in the pool helps the pool stay in the ground) but sometimes it is necessary to completely empty it, say for removing a large spill of decomposing leaves, cleaning the bottom, or repainting the pool.

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Q: Can you drain your concrete pool to clean it?
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How can I remove Brown stains in marbelite pool?

Drain pool and clean with muriatic acid

What household cleaning products would clean mildew from concrete swimming pool?


Can areas of exposed concrete on the bottom of a gunite or plaster pool be repaired with water in the pool?

No, because gunite will not dry if it is constantly being mixed with water. Drain your pool first.

Why would the concrete around the pool raise 1 inch above the concrete patio where the two areas are connected by a drain and what can be done about it?

I assume this might be to keep any dirty ground water from running into the pool.

How can you remove worms born in your pool?

You could drain your pool and have it cleaned. Or just have a pool cleaner clean it for you. And next time use chlorine to prevent larvae from hatching in your pool.

tell me best ways to clean a pool?

You should maybe drain the pool. Then scrub it and clean it properly, maybe add disinfectant too. Or be lazy like me and just get a new one

Do you have to support the walls of your inground pool if you drain out all of the water?

NO however you should keep in mind that the ground water outside of the pool is not going to put pressure on it as this is capable of even lifting a concrete pool out of the ground.

Why did the water drain out of your concrete pool?

It could be that there is a crack in your pool's foundation... Depending on the amount of water that is gone, there is also the possibility of evaporation, which is more likely to happen during warm weather.

How do you remove phosphates in pools?

Drain the water and clean the pool it self with regular soap and wash it real good.

Can you just drain your pool and start fresh in the spring?

You can. but you should not leave an in ground pool empty for any period of time. Ground water building up around it is capable of even lifting an empty concrete pool out of the ground.

How do you clean the pool if laundry detergent is in the pool?

Drain the pool water, give the tiles some good pressure washing. It is best to use a surface cleaner from bestcargurus making sure that no moss and algae are stuck on the tiles. Then fill it up again with clean water

What materials are pool steps made out of and how do I clean them?

Pool steps can be made of concrete or fiberglass, depending on the construction and size of your pool. Contact a local pool service about the steps. If your pool is properly maintained, there should be no reason to clean the steps. There should be no algae or anything else accumulating on any surface, so do get some professional advice..