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Yes you can dressin unisex clothing and you should be comfortable in them exspecialy if you are cool with who you are.

If by unisex, do you mean by style or size? Unisex size is possible, but the fit won't be quite as flattering as the body shape for men and women are typically quite different. Unisex style is easier to accomplish. If by unisex you mean style, then yes it is possible to dress completely in unisex clothes. Most unisex clothes tend to favor men's styling more than women's. It seems women are more open to wearing men's-inspired clothing than men are to women's-inspired clothing. There are some styles which the men's clothing trends have picked up (low-rise jeans, bootcut jeans, fitted clothing, name a few), but few and far between. Unisex clothing styles are usually plainer, more conservative, with little embellishments and feminine detail. A list of typical unisex styles: : Jeans and Chinos (sitting at the waist, or just below, not too fitted, not slim, just straight, may be slightly tapered) : Polo shirts : Button down dress shirts in white, blue, or black. : Vests or waistcoats : Crew neck T-shirts. : Cargo pants : Shorts, usually hitting around the knee

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Q: Can you dress completely in unisex clothes?
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