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There is much confusion as to whether soft water is actually safe to drink. Some believe that it could cause an unhealthy rise in the body's sodium levels.

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What is the solvent in soft drink?

the solvent in a soft drink can is water and sugar.have fun in science kids : )

What is in a can of soft drink?

It depends exactly which soft drink it is but in every case the main ingredient is water.

What category would a soft drink be in would it be an element?

No. Even the water in the soft drink is not an element, but a compound.

What will happen when soft drinks and water mixed?

A soft drink is already almost entirely water.

What is the best soft drink in Canada?


What can affect the taste of a soft drink?

I love soft drinksTwo ways are by adding another soft drink or by simply adding salt.1 more way by adding water to the soft drink. elmo

In a solution of carbon dioxide in water a soft drink the carbon dioxide is the solute?

The carbon dioxide is a solute in a solution of carbon dioxide in water in a soft drink.

What do fireflies eat and drink?

they drink sugeer water and eat soft bugs

How much water in a soft drink?

almost all of it

How many milliliters of water are in a soft drink can?


Is a soft drink a processed or a natural material?

Soft Drink or Soda Pop is a highly processed concoction of water, sugar, and flavour

How do you improve kidneys?

drink plenty of water and do not drink soft drinks and soda, and do not smoke

Is coconut water a soft drink?

No its made from coconut fruit.

Why is it healthier to drink hard water than soft water?

This affirmation is not serious or confirmed.

How much is a soft drink?

A soft drink is $20.

Is juice a soft drink?

A juice is not a soft drink.

Is it safe to drink soft water?

If your water is naturally soft it is perfectly safe to drink. If your water has been softened by a "water-softener" it contains sodium ions as a byproduct of the softening process. Having an intake of this much sodium in your drinking water could be detrimental.

Why the pH value of soft drink has increase after boiling?

Soft drinks contain carbon dioxide (CO2) which is acidic if it mixes with water. Also, gas are more hardly to dissolve in water when the temperate increase. When we boiled the soft drink, the amount of carbon dioxide inside decreased. Thus the pH value of soft drink has increase after boiling.

How many cups of water does it take to filter out a soft drink?


What do macedonian people drink?

Answer: water, milk, soft drinks, etc.

What is the carbonated soft drink?

A flavor of soda has carbonated water mixed in.

What evaporates faster fresh water or soft drink?

The differences are not important.

Why do sealed bottles of soft drink crack in the freezer?

Because water, which soft drinks mainly is, expands when frozen.

What are reasons that a soft drink is a mixture and water is a compound?

Water is the solvent; other components are the solutes.

Is coke a soft drink?

Yes coke is a soft drink

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