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If you are a listed insured on your siblings policy then yes, you can certainly drive it. If you are not listed then your sibling needs to contact their insurance agent and ask if you are covered or not.

none is allowed to drive a car illegaly without licence or a permit of a parent/guardian,

if you have a licence ,then it is good ,other wise you should not drive the car

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Who can a person with a provisional license drive with?

You can drive with any family member in the car. Examples: siblings, cousins, aunts, and uncles.

Can 16 year old driver drive younger siblings in Calif?

Yes you can. You cannot drive your friends but you can drive your siblings. The law changed in the year 2007 that you may drive your younger siblings.

How do drive the car?

You can drive the car by moving!!

What car did Albert Einstein drive?

he didn't drive a car because he didn't know how to drive a car

Who drive a private car?

who drive a private car

Can a person with a learners permit drive in a car with his siblings that are under the age of twenty one?

I'm pretty sure that they can; just as long as they have driver license.

Who can drive a 6 gear car?

any one who knows how to drive 6 gears can drive a 6 gear car .Most people who can drive a manual car can drive a 6 geared car.

Can you drive a car without a windshield?

can I Drive a car with no windshield

Can you drive a car?

um, i think you can actually drive a Car. what a question.

How old do you have to be to drive a car in England?

To drive a car in England you have to be 17

How old can you be to drive a car in Jamaica?

You have to be 18 to drive a car in Jamaica.

Does Billy Ray Cyrus drive a car?

Yes, he does drive a car.

How do you drive a car uphill road?

you drive the car up the hill.

Can you drive a car when your sixtteen?

You can drive a car if you have your licence at age 16.

Can you drive a smart car on the highway?

Ofcourse you can, you can drive any car in the highway. It's a car.

What does it mean to test drive the car?

To test drive a car means to take a car for a drive and see if you like the way it handles the road or just to see if you like the car :)

How do you paralyze a car?

a car doesn't move unless you drive it. So the simple answer is don't drive the car.

How to drive manual car?

People drive a manual car by using a stick shift to control the car.

Is it necessary for a college student to have auto insurance coverage when they do not have a car?

Probably not, if you drive any vehicle with any regularity (siblings, parents when you're homet etc) you need to be a listed driver, and rated on that policy.. If you occasionally drive a friends car (with their permission of course), subject to any exclusions you should be fine. If you do not drive at all ever, then no, you do not need a policy....

What can you drive a car on?

You can drive a car on a paved street or even on a gravel road

How can you drive your car in other state?

Yes, you can drive your car in another state.

Drive your car without a license?

No! It is illegal to drive a car without a licence.

When was Drive My Car created?

Drive My Car was created on 1965-10-13.

How do you drive your car on sims freeplay?

how do you drive a car on sims free play

Is it all right to drive a car with a blow by?

It is irresponsible to drive a defective car.

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