Can you dual boot Linux and a Windows 7 installation activated with Daz Loader?

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Yes, I would suggest installing Linux last, makes it so you don't have to reinstall grub/grub2/lilo
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How do you install Ubuntu Linux for dual boot?

You'll need to purchase a "bootloader" which will allow you to dual boot. Another Answer: Many versions of Linux come with a boot loader, but Microsoft products don't play well with others, especially Vista. It CAN be done, it's just a difficult process. You may want to contact your local Linux ( Full Answer )

If you are dual-booting Windows XP and Linux how can you reinstall XP without interrupting Linux?

Before you format xp you will need to go onto Linux and create a grub boot disk by typing grub-install /dev/fd0. This will create a floppy disk which you can use to start Linux after you have removed and reinstalled xp. After removing and reinstalling xp use the disk to get back onto Linux and use g ( Full Answer )

How do you install Windows over Linux?

First of all...why? Second of all...I suppose you can just boot the Windoze CD and follow the instructions to reformat the drive. But make sure to make a backup of your important info first.

How do you boot Linux with Windows?

It is known as a dual-boot. Install Windows first, then installwhichever distribution of Linux you what to use second. You aregiven the choice of which to use at the start of booting up.

What's the best partition scheme for dual booting Windows XP and Gentoo Linux?

Some people do not like having a separate /home partition for Linux, though it is better for recovery purposes. For the purposes of the question, it is assumed that you do not want a separate partition for your /home directory. The best performance is provided by placing a Linux swap partition fi ( Full Answer )

How do you install Windows programs in Linux?

To install a Windows program, you will need to have Wine installed. You can install this through Synaptic, or through the command line with the command sudo apt-get install wine After Wine is installed, you can run the installer by either right-click the program and selecting "Open with", and ( Full Answer )

How do you dual boot linux?

Like all dual-booting processes, you must have ample space in yourhard disk to do so, then you have to partition your diskaccordingly for each operating system you wish to install. ****** Have a look at WUBI, which is a program that allow Ubuntu to beinstalled as a file on a Windows computer, withou ( Full Answer )

Why can't I boot Windows after installing Linux?

If you told the installer to use the entire hard drive, Windows will be erased. If you told it to resize the partitions on the disk, Windows should still be bootable from the GRUB boot menu. If the installer was interrupted before GRUB could be installed, Windows is probably still intact, but lacks ( Full Answer )

How do you dual-boot Windows and Linux?

Install Windows first, if you have not installed either yet. After it is installed, just install Linux to the other partition or disk. Most modern Linux distributions use GRUB, which will detect and automatically configure a menu for you to choose from when you start the computer.

How do you dual-boot Windows XP and Windows 7?

Dual-booting Windows XP/Vista with 7 . 1) Download Windows 7 (see related links) 2) Partition your hard drive: In XP or Vista, go to the start menu, right click computer, and click Manage. Then click Disk Management, select the drive of which you want 7 installed in the bottom window. Assumi ( Full Answer )

How do you remove Linux from a dual-boot setup?

You could either: a) just ignore it or b) repartition the Linux partition and format it as ntfs so that windows can see it Answer You'll need: 1. A windows98 boot disc (or windows xp recovery console) 2. A non-destuctive partition editor, such as partition magic or acronis disc suite (both for win ( Full Answer )

Can you dual boot linux?

Of course you can. The de facto standard bootloader, GRUB, is the reference implementation of the multi-boot specification.

How do you dual-boot Windows 7 and Mac OS X?

In order to legally and easily boot Mac, you must have a Mac. If this is the case, and its operating system is Leopard or Snow Leopard, you can open the Boot Camp utility, partition the drive, insert your Windows 7 disk (either burned from the release candidate or purchased next month), and install. ( Full Answer )

What is Windows 7 loader?

windows7 loader is a program that will make a non-genuine copyof Windows 7 activated permanently. Windows 7 RTM UltimateActivation with OEM Information This activator works only for RTM ULTIMATE (Retail and OEM Edition) It does NOT work on Ultimate 'E' (European) Edition. Tested and working on both ( Full Answer )

I am not able to view my Boot loader screen today after I installed Windows Xp Sp3 in another partition Earlier I could select either Windows Xp-sp2 Windows 7-32bit or Windows 7-64bit?

I had the exact same problem with my own computer. Apparently, Windows 7 doesn't work that well with Windows XP's boot loader (when dual booting). I solved the problem (well...sort of) by booting into my Windows 7 partition, Installing EasyBCD ( and adding Windows XP ( Full Answer )

Can you dual-boot Windows and Unix?

Yes. Some versions of Unix are capable of running on the same hardware as Windows. Mac OS X, a certified version of UNIX, includes a utility known as "Boot camp" to install Windows in a dual-boot setup easily. Solaris 10 can also be used in a dual-boot setup by carefully partitioning the drive and s ( Full Answer )

Can you dual-boot Linux?

Absolutely. In fact, the default bootloader for Linux is the reference implementation of the multi-boot standard. It's mostly Windows that doesn't like to multiboot.

How do you dual-boot Windows 7 and Fedora Linux?

Go into your BIOS and change the settings to start from CD/DVD player first instead of your hard drive. Let the CD boot follow the instructions for language and time zone. You can either let Fedora use the empty space left on your hard drive to set partions for you or you can manually set your own p ( Full Answer )

I upgraded vista to windows 7 and now i want to use vista without deleting windows 7 but i already installed windows 7 so that means i can't dual boot right so what do i do?

You can still dual boot. 1) Download a program that makes partitions in your hard drive 2) Partition so there is as much space as you need to install Vista 3) Install Vista on the separate partition as a CLEAN INSTALL (This step must be done in order for it to work 4) Once installed, start up comput ( Full Answer )

Does dual-booting Windows and Linux make your computer run slower?

No, it would not, as you only boot with one OS at a time, not both of them simultaneously. However the data transfers between the two partitions (one for Linux and other for windows) would take slightly longer than what it would have taken with only one partition. You would have lesser space than ( Full Answer )

What should i do to install Linux on windows?

Get the Linux bootable CD.then boot it on ur sys.go to setup wizard normally. At the tym of choosing the partition on the hard disk, select the option "install siden by side on windows" (I've applied this on my sys using ubuntu Linux)

How do you dual-boot Windows 7 and Linux?

You could use Wubi (Ubuntu Linux), GParted, fdisk or cfdisk. I recommend installing Windows first (if it's not there already) and then Linux.

Can you install Linux along with windows?

Yes, it's called dual-boot. Be sure to have Windows installed first so your Linux installer might be able to pick it up and put it in the bootloader, not to mention to keep GRUB from getting overwritten by a monopolistic bootloader by Windows.

How do you remove Linux from a dual boot setup?

Now why would you want to do a thing like that? Haha, Just kidding! I'm assuming that you're running a Linux-based OS alongside Windows. If that is the case, removing Linux from the picture is fairly simple. After backing all of your stuff up (in both OS's! Trust me on this!), boot into Windows. ( Full Answer )

What is dual booting in Linux operating system?

Dual booting is not restricted to Linux. Dual booting refers to the presence of two operating systems on one computer. Switch/choice between these operating systems is determined at boot time (either via bios or boot manager), therefore only one operating system is at use at a time.

Can you do dual boot using windows 2000 with windows 7?

Yes, you can. Split the disk in at least 2 partitions. First install Windows 2000 on disk C and then install Windows 7 on the disk D. You can install Windows 2000 on disk D and then Windows 7 on disk C. But the order of installation must be preserved.

Can you use a Windows boot loader to load the Linux operating system?

Yes you can. Ubuntu's WUBI uses the Windows bootloader (NTLDR) to boot Linux. It also uses the Windows filesystem (NTFS). This, however, is not the traditional way to do things. The traditional way to dual-boot Linux and Windows is to use a generic bootloader such as Grub to boot both Windows and Li ( Full Answer )

What are boot loader feature in windows 7?

Following are the boot loader features of windows 7: a) Windows Boot Manager(Bootmgr.exe) b) Windows Operating System loader c) Windows Resume Loader

How can you find loader to activate windows 7 home premium?

I'm not sure what you mean by loader but to activate windows 7 Home Premium all you have to do is open the start menu, right click on Computer and click properties. Then click activate windows and you should be good to go.

Can you use your Windows 7 install disc to boot your computer?

Yes, the Windows 7 DVD's let you boot up the DVD's menu for repairing or installing Windows when inserted into a external or internal DVD drive. If your PC doesn't boot the DVD automatically you will have to push the boot device button at start-up(Default F12) or enter BIOS(default DEL or F2) to c ( Full Answer )

How can you Install Linux in my Windows 7 platform?

Most Linux distros will by default install themselves secondary to Windows, BUT you MUST FIRST make a separate partition on your HD for Linux to install on, for the install erases everything that is already on that partition. How to do that is found in your Windows Help. If that's a problem for y ( Full Answer )

How do you install fedora and Windows 8 in a dual boot mode?

First make partitions for the operating systems - first windows 8 then fedora partitions of / swap and /home - then First install window 8 after having made partitions for both operating systems, then install fedora to the partition previously made for installing it. Grub bootloader detects windows ( Full Answer )

What are boot loader in Linux?

There are several types of bootloaders - it's up to you to decidewhich one to use (isolinux, syslinux, LILO, Grub [or Grub Legacy],and Burg are some to get you started).

How Linux 7 boots?

There is no such thing as a "Linux 7". Even if there is a Linuxdistribution trying to market itself as a Windows 7 lookalike, itwould be in a lot of legal trouble with Microsoft. As far as theLinux kernel, it's not the sole component responsible in booting.Additionally, the Linux kernel is up to at ( Full Answer )