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If you have a big mouth, than yes!


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For plain donuts, it's usually around $3.49 plus tax. 1 dozen = 12 1/2 dozen = 6

Reason: A dozen is twelve. Half of a dozen is six. Half of a Half of a dozen is three.

A dozen is twelve, half a dozen is 6.

half a dozen is 6, so half a dozen dozen is 6 dozen, but the first thing, six dozen dozen has is 6x12x12or 6x144, so it is way more than 6x12.. In other words Six dozen dozen is 864 and half a dozen dozen is 72

1 dozen = 12 half a dozen = 6

There are 6 in half a dozen because a dozen is 12 and half 12 is 6

A dozen is twelve; a half dozen is therefore six.

Six (6) is a half-dozen.

there are six eggs in a half dozen. 12 in a whole dozen.

18.Because dozen an a half = 1 dozen (12)+ .5 dozen(6) = 18

There are 6 units in half a dozen

half a dozen = ½ x 12 = 6 six dozen dozen = 6 x 12 x 12 = 864 So six dozen dozen is bigger

A baker's half dozen is a group of seven items, the concept being that it is one more than a half dozen.

If a gross is 12 dozen....half a gross is 6 dozen

Half a Dozen Babies was created in 1999.

How many in a dozen 12 half it its 6 people THINK!!

six, 6, vi, half a dozen, half-dozen

Half a dozen is 6 which is 3 times 2.

A dozen is 12, so have of a dozen would equal to 6.

One dozen is 12 Half a dozen is 6

One dozen = 12 so half a dozen = 12/2 = 6. So simple!

Two and a half dozen is equal to 30. Each dozen is 12, and a half a dozen is 6, so the equation you can use to figure that out is 12 x 2 + 6 = 30.

One dozen of roses for $52 is better value than half a dozen roses for $30.

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