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emancipation is only used if the living environment is rough. I've looked this up for my girlfriend. to amancipate someone is VERY dificult.

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Q: Can you emancipate yourself from foster parents?
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Can you emancipate yourself at age 16 or 17from foster parents?

You can not emancipate yourself but in most states you can seek emancipation by the court when you are 16. You have to fill the criteria when it comes to supporting yourself, school and getting a place to live etc.

Do you have to live on your own once you emancipate yourself from your parents?

You do not have to live alone. You do have to support yourself.

Can a parent emancipate themselves from a pregnant teenager?

No. You can not emancipate yourself from your child. Even if she ends up in foster care you have to pay for her care. This is your chance to show your child how to be a responsible parent and not bail on your kid.

What does it mean that Kentucky does not have an emancipation statute?

That means until you turn 18, you are the responsibility of your parents. And they can tell you what to do and where to live. You can't make the decision to emancipate yourself. But - if your parents agree to legally emancipate you, it can be done in court before a judge.

Can you leave parents house without permission at 16 and live with a relative over 21 in Minnesota?

Only if you emancipate yourself.

How do you emancipate yourself?

You need an attorney.

Do foster parents have to provide financial information?

Yes you have to show that you can provide for yourself.

If you are 17 can you emancipate yourself in Indiana?

{| |- | No you cannot. Indiana does not have an emancipation statute. The age of majority is 18. At that point the parents are no longer responsible for the child. |}

Can you emancipate your uncooperative 16 year old in the state of NJ?

That will depend on the circumstances. The parents are going to be responsible for them until they are an adult. That will be in NJ. They might be able to put them into the foster care system.

If you are 16 years of age and live in California can you move out and have your 19 year old boyfriend support you without parents consent?

No, because you are under 18 and are still under your parents "rule". however, if necessary, you can actually "legally divorce" your parents and emancipate yourself from them. (declare yourself legeally independent from your parents) * A minor can

How old do you have to be in the state of Massachusetts to emancipate yourself?


Can parents emancipate their 16 year old child?

It's a judge who does that, not the parents.

How can a 16 year old minor emancipate from parents without litigation in Denver Colorado?

How can a 16 year old minor emancipate from parents without litigation in Detroit Michigan.

Who are Miranda Cosgrove foster parents?

She doesn't have any foster parents.

How great is the need for foster parents in the us?

it is very great to foster parents because not everyone in the world has parents so foster parents look after those children.

What is the process for parents to emancipate an eighteen year old in Missouri?

Parents don't emancipate their children. A court can emancipate them. Parents just kick them out when they turn 18. There isn't a process or form that has to be signed. So, what is the process to have the courts emancipate the eighteen year old, assuming the parents will (a) allow the eighteen year old to live at home, under rules of the home (b) the needs for the eighteen year old will be met and (c) the parents are seeking some legal protection from any acts of the eighteen year old.

Can a foster child get an estate after their foster parents die?

A foster child have no birth right after their foster parents so it's only if they are mentioned in the will.

How do you say foster carer in french?

foster parents would be parents nourriciers

Can you divorce your parents at age 12?

no, you cant divorce your parents at the age of 12 you have to be 18 Improvement: Actually it's called emancipate and you can do it under certain circumstances and in most states the age is 15 that you can emancipate from your parents.

If you emancipate from your parents are you more likely to get financial aid?

Absolutely not.

Can a 16-year old emancipate himself from his parent in Texas if his parents bring people into the house who are putting his life in danger and if his parents are committing adultery?

If he is unsafe, he should contact social services. They will see that he is taken care of whether through emancipation or foster care.

Who was Hades foster parents?

Hades did not have foster parents. His father is Chronus, and his mother is Rhea.

Who met the evacuees when they got evacuated?

there foster parents they had to parade round and round there foster parents they had to parade round and round there foster parents they had to parade round and round

How do you obtain paper work to emancipate yourself in pa when you are 17?

You can't!

Is the money for the foster parents or the child in foster care?

The money is to cover the expenses for the child but it's the foster parents that manage the money.

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