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* Yes, you can drain it. DO NOT leave it empty, however, but refill promptly. If the pool is empty and there is a lot of water in the ground soil, it could cause the pool to float and crack. == == * I have had this house for 4 years and have drained my gunite pool every spring, acid-washed it and refilled it. So far no problems. It does need resurfacing, but not because of what we did. It needed that when we bought the house. I understand that the cost of that is about $10,000. Which means... it might rather be a pond, or a cemented area with an above-ground pool.

* Pools should not be drained completely unless the water table is low. Otherwise water table pressure can damage an empty pool. I never drain my in-ground pool more than 18" below the deck, and keep chlorine tablets in floaters in the pool all winter, which cuts down on brackishness. Removing cover & cleaning in spring just means brushing & vacuuming everything to the filter, then backwash. Sparkling water in one or two days.

* When I lived in Texas, people with this problem installed plastic liners. Some of the ones I saw looked like a tiled pool.

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2008-08-19 11:59:33
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Q: Can you empty and then refill your dirty gunite pool?
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Is it safe to drain a gunite pool for the winter?

Best not to empty a gunite pool, period. Having the pool surface exposed to air and temperature chanfes and drying will result in cracking.

If a gunite pool is empty for extended period of time what damage if any will there be to the plaster etc?

If a pool is left empty, it will lift partially out of the ground due to moisture under the pool after a heavy rain.

Steel pool vs gunite pool which is better?

Gunite, cement does not rust.

How do you repair small- and medium-sized surface chipping problems at the bottom of your empty in-ground gunite pool?


How much bleach to disinfect a wading pool?

Be careful of sanitizing a small wading pool with bleach. Why not empty and refill?

Is gunite use for waterproofing for pool?

No. Gunite is concrete.

How often should you resurface a gunite pool?

How often should you resurface a gunite pool?

What is the better pool Pebble sheen or gunite pools?

Pebble sheen is the finish on the surface of a pool gunite is the cement that a pool is constructed from in other words you can finish a gunite pool with pebble sheen.

Which is less expensive to build a pool with gunite or schockcrete?


Will an empty gunite pool crack due to drying or is it ALWAYS earth shift?

An empty pool in inviting mother nature to float your pool like a boat when the water table is up.the weight of the water keeps the earth from pushing it's way into your pool, Also the plaster over the gunite needs water to stay healthy.The short story always keep water in your pool unless you are going to remove it soon.

Is gunite or fiberglass better for an indoor pool?

Either gunite or fiberglass will work well for an indoor pool.

how do i find and repair leak in gunite pool with water in it?

how do i find and repair leak in gunite pool with water in it?

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