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Can you empty and then refill your dirty gunite pool?


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2008-08-19 11:59:33
2008-08-19 11:59:33

* Yes, you can drain it. DO NOT leave it empty, however, but refill promptly. If the pool is empty and there is a lot of water in the ground soil, it could cause the pool to float and crack. == == * I have had this house for 4 years and have drained my gunite pool every spring, acid-washed it and refilled it. So far no problems. It does need resurfacing, but not because of what we did. It needed that when we bought the house. I understand that the cost of that is about $10,000. Which means... it might rather be a pond, or a cemented area with an above-ground pool.

* Pools should not be drained completely unless the water table is low. Otherwise water table pressure can damage an empty pool. I never drain my in-ground pool more than 18" below the deck, and keep chlorine tablets in floaters in the pool all winter, which cuts down on brackishness. Removing cover & cleaning in spring just means brushing & vacuuming everything to the filter, then backwash. Sparkling water in one or two days.

* When I lived in Texas, people with this problem installed plastic liners. Some of the ones I saw looked like a tiled pool.


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Best not to empty a gunite pool, period. Having the pool surface exposed to air and temperature chanfes and drying will result in cracking.

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If a pool is left empty, it will lift partially out of the ground due to moisture under the pool after a heavy rain.

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Gunite, cement does not rust.

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