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No, Nintendogs can never breed or have puppies.

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โˆ™ 2011-07-23 16:14:36
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Q: Can you feed Nintendogs water to make them breed?
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Can Nintendogs breed and make puppies?

yes,nintendogs can make puppies

Can you make Nintendogs breed faster?

No you can't.

How can you make your Nintendogs mad?

keep saying something or never feed it

Make puppies on Nintendogs?

No, you can't make puppies in Nintendogs. You have to buy puppies from the kennel. yes you can, you get a female dog and male dog of the same breed. Then you put a rose on the female dog and a lucky collar on the male dog. After that you play the nintendogs theme. Make sure you make your nintendogs really happy and well fed first. then save and turn it on, the next morning you should have one puppy. Try it, it worked for me and my friends!!

How do you feed pigs in Minecraft?

You can feed pigs carrots in Minecraft. This will make them go into 'love mode' which will make them breed if two of them are in this mode.

How do you make your Nintendogs have puppies?

Apparently you need a rose and a lucky collar,first you put the lucky collar on the boy dog,and the rose on the girl,keep your DS on all night and in the morning there should be puppies,also the dogs have to be the same breed sorry If this doesn't work,that just what I was told You cant take him or her for walks, don't ever interact with them, and don't wash them. Feed them only dry food and milk, and make sure that you don't play with them- just leave them. Basically don't do anything with them. continue 3 weekss

Is there a trick to make your Nintendogs nice to your other Nintendogs?


Can someone give you an Action Replay code that will allow you to breed two of your dogs on Nintendogs Dalmatian and Friends?

You can probably find one on game shark you just have to make sure you type in Nintendogs Dalmation and Friends

How do you breed on Nintendogs plus cats 3ds?

Well the creators of nintendogs wanted this to be more simple but still fun so they didnt want to be able to make puppies on the game. Sorry. You can't. :( Hope I helped.

How do you make new breeds come in faster on nintendogs?

nintendogs-bigger dogs breed faster like dalmatians and if you are breeding bigger dogs and you want to put the ribbon on the dog than get one with floppy ears.

What records make your dogs go on top of each other on nintendogs?

None. If your asking this because you want to breed your dogs, you fail. You cant breed your dogs, and this is a nasty question, quite frankly.

How do you get your dogs smaller on Nintendogs?

there is no cheat or code to make your nintendogs small

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