Can you feed a 10 week old puppy milk?

You can feed a 10 week old puppy milk, but you have to take a few things into consideration.

1. Has the puppy's teeth began to show? The teeth should develop around 7 weeks, so if your puppy has teeth you may want to be feeding it a gruel mixture. This can be made by smashing up hard puppy kibble and mixing it with an decent amount of warm water or milk. As your puppy gets older and its teeth grow, put less and less milk in every time you feed it, so that the puppy can eventually eat hard kibble without moistening it.

2. Normal milk from cows is not sufficient in nutrients and vitamins to support a young puppy. If you insist on feeding it milk, be sure to either use a milk formula that is specially made for healthy puppy development (this can be bought anywhere that sells pet supplies), or you can alternately make your own at home. I'm sure a quick google search will get you a recipe, and most of the recipes are fairly simple and quick to make. Don't be lazy and just feed it normal milk, as the puppy may develop health problems.

Hope that helped!

2nd Answer:

A 10 week old puppy does not need any type of milk. Cow's milk is a no no and will cause diarrhea. Just feed your puppy a good name brand dry puppy food, can feed it dry or put a little warm water over it.