Can you feed horses courgettes

Updated: 10/20/2022
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I'm not for sure but to keep your horse from getting sick if the food is toxic I would recommend asking your vet!

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Q: Can you feed horses courgettes
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Can bearded dragons eat courgettes?

I have done some reseach, and YES, you can feed you beardie Zucchini / Courgettes.

What does feed do for horses?

It is the horse's food.

Can you feed horses bananas?

Yes you can

Do horses have nipples they feed from?

Yes, they do.

Can you feed silage to horses?

no, they die

What do horses feed their young?


How do you feed your horses on Horseland website?

Are you new and don't know how to feed your horses?Well, just go to your homepage, and it will say Home,Avatar,Stable,Kennel... something like that up at the top of your page above your player name.Then, you click on the one that says Stable or My Stable and then you get to this big, brown page with all your horses on it. Look at the boxes with your horses names in them... theres a 'Feed' button! click that and your horse will be fed for 7 days.But, you must have enough feed in your feed bins to feed your horses. If you try to feed your horses and a thing pops up and says it didn't work because you don't have enough feed, then you go to the store and click the bottom right option that has a picture of a feed bag on it. At the top of the new page there will be a button that says Buy and then you can buy the feed and feed your horses.?Not TOO complicated... but you'll get the hang of it. :-)?

Can horses eat rotten apples?

Don't feed horses rotten apples

How heavy can horses get?

horses can get very heavy it all depends on how much you feed them

Are tomatoes and courgettes are vegetables?

Tomatoes are fruit. Courgettes are vegetables. Fruits are classified as juicy and containing seeds, both of which tomatoes have.

How often should I feed my horses bran and is it a good idea to feed bran?

Yes bran is very good for horses. It helps clean out their systems. We feed our horses at my stables bran once a week.

Do sea horses feed and protect there kids?

Yes, sea horses do feed and protect their kids. Both male and female sea horses can have babies. they can have up to 1000 in one day and they come out of the sea horses stomach