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That might be covered under your "comprehensive" insurance policy if you have one. The deductable might be so high that it might not be worth the effort and the possibility of raised insurance rates. New hoods aren't that expensive. Buy one, take it to a friend with a spray gun and replace it yourself. It might actually save you money.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-28 15:56:35
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Q: Can you file a claim with your auto insurance co if you accidentally close the hood of your car while the hood prop is still in place and cause damage to the hood?
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Can you make an insurance claim for damage to your property caused by a fire that was accidentally started by a person on another propertyThe owner of the other property does not have property insuran?

Yes, if you have comprehensive coverage.

Does your home insurance cover damage if you claim for the same damage but with another insurance company before?

good way to get hit with an insurance fraud charge

How do you claim auto insurance when you wrecked your car on your property?

It would be an auto claim for the damage to the other and a homeowners claim for the damage to your property. You cannot be liable to yourself, so you cannot claim the property damage on your auto policy.

Can you file an insurance claim with no damage?

Without anything damaged, lost or stolen there is nothing to claim.

Who is responsible for damage to a repossessed car?

The tow company is responsible for damage they did to the vehicle, if they claim they didn't do it you have to prove it and make a claim/sue them, otherwise you need to claim it on your insurance.

Can you claim a broken car rear window on auto insurance?

Depends on what insurance you have. LIABILITY insurance covers damage you cause to other people and their cars. COLLISION covers damage to your car from an accident. COMPREHENSIVE insurace covers fire, theft, flood and broken glass. Check with your insurance company.

Can you withdraw a claim from your home insurance?

Yes you can withdraw your claim, but once reported, the damage and the claim filing are still on record.

How do you proceed with insurance in a single car accident with no injuries no property damage just damage to my car?

Call your insurance company and get a claim started.

Can you claim for damage to your gas boiler?

It just counts on what your insurance clam is.

Can reposession company file a claim with your car insurance company to fix preexisting damage?

If your lien holder repo's your vehicle, they can file a claim against your insurance for damage to the vehicle. The repo company itself would have no claim, because it's not their vehicle.

Your car got hail damage on it last month is to late to file a insurance claim with Travelers insurance?


Does homeowners insurance cover laptop damage?

depends on cause of damage? would be subject to deductible. unless really expensive laptop (current day cost) wouldn't recommend putting in a claim

Can you take back a claim once you submitted it to the insurance company?

You can take back a claim for damage to your own property. You can't take back a claim where you are liable for damage to another party.

Can you make an auto claim with only basic auto insurance?

If your basic auto insurance just covers bodily injury and property damage then you usually cannot. It is meant to protect you from having to pay out when you damage another partied property or cause them injury.

Can you claim rat damage on your house insurance?

you can but its not covered so I wouldn't bother

If you report a claim to your insurance company can you cancel it if the damage is not worth fixing?


What happens if your property damage insurance is not enough to cover the claim?

You will be liable for the difference.

Do you claim slashed car tires on homeowners or auto insurance?

Slashed tires coverageYou will need to file the claim under your Auto Insurance policy. Your homeowners insurance does not pay for car damage. That's what auto insurance is for.

Can I bring my neighbor N their Homeowner Insurance to small claim for property N emotion damage Insurance Co low balls my claim cause I have no sale receipt for my pure breed Champion blood Yorkshire?

Foe emotional stress you may have a problem in small claims court because the burden of proof is up to you. Property damage you would have a better chance at having a real claim.

Why does a homeowners insurance adjuster send an engineer to inspect?

There are many reasons why an insurance company may send an engineer to inspect the damage to your home. The main reason is to determine the cause of the damage to your home. For example, the company may send an engineer to inspect damage to your home if your roof is damaged in order to figure out if it was caused by a covered cause of loss (hurricane) or if the damage is from normal wear and tear. If after the inspection the insurance company denies your claim I suggest that you speak with an attorney in your local area who specializes in first party insurance law.

Is there a website that shows you steps to replace roof damage through insurance?

I would suggest reviewing your policy to see if the roof is covered in your insurance, then contact the claim department at the insurance copy to file a claim.

Do you have to call your insurance company after an accident where your car has no damage?

no you dont. if you do not with to file a claim you do not have to report it no you dont. if you do not with to file a claim you do not have to report it

Should you claim a fender bender or just fix it your self?

Only you know the extent of the damage and who your insurance will handle the claim.

Will homeowners insurance cover damage to car from a fallen tree?

It depends on whether or not the car carried comprehensive insurance. If it did the auto owner's insurance would cover the tree damage, regardless of the cause. If the car did not have comp. coverage, then the car owner may be able to make a liability claim against the tree owner's homeowners insurance coverage. If the homeowner's insurance denies the claim, the car owner can still seek a civil award against the homeowner's personal assets.

Can you put an Insurance claim in on an already totaled auto?

Yes, you can put in an insurance claim for any reason. It is up to them to pay or deny any claim. It will be tough to determine which damage was there prior to any other accident.