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You should consult an attorney for the best advice. However, it does not seem that you have a solid case here. Perhaps you failed to mention something on your application, a reference check came back negative, you failed a drug test, your background check didn't clear... or any other number of reasons. Most states in the U.S. are "at-will" employers - which mean they can terminate employment (or offer of employment) with or without cause at any time. You should, however, be advised as to the reason for their change in heart for an opportunity to clear up any misunderstandings. Think about it this way - if the employer is like this now, how are they going to be when you are up and working for them? Hmm. Good luck! * Yes. If you have definite proof that you had been hired by the company, preferably written correspondence of some sort.

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Can an employer withdraw an offer of employment after employee accepts?

Yes. Most states are now at-will employment states. There is no contract, and the relationship can be terminated at any time by either party for any reason or no reason at all. All true. BUT, if the employer withdrawing the offer causes you measurable damages - like the loss of your former job and its retirement plan - the employer that withdrew the offer may owe you damages.

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