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Civil litigation can be filed for almost any reason. Therefore the question is not can a suit be filed, but are there sufficient grounds to win the case. The best way to obtain the answer is to discuss the matter with a qualified attorney. Most attorneys offer free or minimal fee consultations to determine if the person has grounds for a valid lawsuit. State bar associations and the American Bar Association offer a free attorney referral service. ABA,

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Q: Can you file a lawsuit if you find a worm in a bottle of olives?
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Can you file a lawsuit if you find a roach in your hot chocolate at McDonald's?


How can you find out if someone has homeowners insurance if they won't answer you directly?

Contact a lawyer and file a lawsuit against him.

Can you still file a lawsuit against tobacco companies?

Yes you can. Have to find the right law firm to do it.

Can you file a lawsuit for physical and psychological abuse of your son by classmates?

Yes you can file a lawsuit if you can find an attorney to take your case. This would be a case you would want to run by an attorney to see if you have enough basis and evidence to proceed.

Where can I file a Lawsuit Malpractice?

Your best bet is to find a local malpractice attorney to file suit against the doctor or hospital. For more information, visit !

How do you file an answer to a lawsuit in Alaska?

Use the info that you will find by clicking on the below link. Proceed to the link on the linked page to find an example answer form.

Can you file a lawsuit of discrimination against a company for saying they do not hire felons?

If you can find an attorney to take your case, you can file a lawsuit for just about anything. The likelihood that a lawyer would take your case or that you would win is slim, since there are no laws that require employers to hire felons.

If you need to file a civil lawsuit on a person in another state do you file in your home state or are you required to file in their home state?

im not sure but i think u have to file it in their homestate but please dont quote me on that You'll need to file the lawsuit in the state where the actionable offense took place. For instance, if you bought a car in the other person's state but now find it won't run while you're living in your state, you need to file in the state in which you bought the car. The suit has to be filed where the wrong ocurred.

How long can you wait to file suit against someone?

Sometimes a suit can have a statue of limitations. It best to consult a lawyer to find out information on filing your lawsuit.

Where can you file a class action lawsuit?

First find out which jurisdiction would be handling your case. There are stipulations on how many people must be from the same area in a class action lawsuit to be considered for that state. But you will need to find out through a lawyer which suits are already being considered/starting one on your own. Do research on your case as well.

Where can one find more information about lawsuit loans?

One can find more information about lawsuit loans on the 'Global Financial Justice' website. They have information about why one might need a lawsuit loan and how to go about it.

What does file suit mean?

"File suit" means that a person (the "plaintiff"), either personally or through his or her attorney, goes to the courthouse and: gives a lawsuit against one or more people (or entities -- like companies) to the filing clerk; pays a filing fee (which is usually around one-hundred dollars); and receives a stamped copy of the lawsuit back from the clerk. The next step is servig the lawsuit. In order to require the person who is sued to "answer" under the law, the plaintiff has to "serve" the other party (the "defendant") with a copy of the lawsuit. That can be done in a number of ways, including by having a copy of the lawsuit given to the defendant in person, by leaving a copy of the lawsuit at the defendant's house or office with someone, and under certain circumstances, by putting a notice about the lawsuit in the newspaper. All of these methods of "service" have to be done in a particular way, so you need to find out the law in your state. Susan

Can you hide a car from being reposed?

Well, no. If the car is registered in your name, they will know you own it regardless of wether or not they can find it. If you hide it from them, they will simply file a lawsuit against you for the value of the car. And they will win.

If I was to come in contact with lead paint while working at my job and find out that I have lead in my system how can I file a lawsuit against the company that I work if they put me in harms way. ?

You should consult an attorney.

Where can one find mesothelioma settlements?

One cannot simply find a mesothelioma settlement. Settlements occur in the course of a lawsuit, in the case of mesothelioma these are brought by persons affected by mesothelioma after exposure to asbestos. To obtain a settlement one must either file a lawsuit or join an existing suit, and the other party must choose to settle rather than defend the case through trial. A competent local attorney should be consulted if there are grounds for a mesothelioma lawsuit.

Are olives kosher for Passover?

Yes, only if they are specifically certified kosher for passover. You can find kosher for Passover olives at any Jewish supermarket

Do mice eat olives?

yes they find it very neutrouses

Can a person living in Alabama file a lawsuit in Georgia?

Yes, although you may need to find a lawyer that is licensed to practice in Georgia. Jurisdiction is generally dictated by where the Defendant lives, not where the Plaintiff lives.

Where can a person find information pertaining to the Downey Savings lawsuit?

There are many websites with information on any lawsuit requested by the user. Lawsuits are publicly available information. Downey Savings Lawsuit funding exists, however, there is no such Downey Savings Lawsuit.

How can you find out if someone is suing you?

Contact the court where you think they filed the lawsuit. Remember that it is the responsibility of the plaintiff (person suing) to serve you with notice of the lawsuit. Their lawsuit will be dismissed if they don't give proper notice.

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Where can one get information on lawsuit advances?

One can find information on lawsuit advances from the following sources: The Judge, Glofin, Money From Lawsuit, Law Capital, Global Citizens, Legal Capital Corp, to name a few.

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i know olives were but i can't find anything else

How can you find your unclaimed lawsuit money?

terry lee trawick ' i am looking for lawsuit moeney filed by the florida department of labor for unlawful labor practices