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Not without committing fraud.

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Q: Can you file bankruptcy on a medical bill you received a settlement for?
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Can medical bill included in a chapter 7 bankruptcy?

yes it is

Can a medicail bill for a veterains hospitail be charged off in chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Medical bills can be discharged through a bankruptcy.

If you have already filed bankruptcy but have not been to your hearing yet can you add a medical bill that has just happened to the bankruptcy?

No, only pre-petition debts may be discharged in a bankruptcy.

Can I file your cell phone bill on bankruptcy?

No, you cannot file my cell phone bill in a bankruptcy. However, you can file YOUR cell phone bill in a bankruptcy.

I recently went threw 48 weeks of chemotherapy I only make 20.00 an hour and my medical bill and other bills have acummilated can I fill Bankruptcy.?

Yes, you can. Most people who file bankruptcy do so because of medical bills.

What are the statute of limitations in State of Georgia for a medical bill over 4 years old you never received a bill?

Your but

Have not received bill for medical insurance?

If you're talking about the bill for a medical visit, that will come from your doctor or hospital. It often takes 30-90 days for that process to play through and for you to see the bill. The patient typically receives a medical bill once the payer has paid their portion.

I received a medical bill from a hospital 18 months later- am I still responsible to pay it?


Can you file Chapter 13 on a court order to pay a percentage of your child's medical bills after a divorce?

In short, No. Debts that do not get discharged in bankruptcy (Chapter 7, or 13) include;AlimonyChild SupportCriminal RestitutionStudent LoansDebts arising from fraud or theftThe medical bill would most likely be characterized as part of the child support settlement and would not be subject to discharge.

I received a bill for medical services 1 year after rendered do I have to pay?

Doctors do not have any legal time that they have to bill you in. If you owe the money, you do need to pay.

Is there a statute of limitations in Texas for sending a medical bill to a patient that has never been sent before?

No. Whether you received the bill, or not, the services were still provided.

Did Bill Clinton file for bankruptcy?


How long do you have to add a creditor after a bankruptcy has been filed?

you can add a creditor any time just make sure you didn't make that bill in bankruptcy the courts can dismis your case if you did make another bill in bankruptcy. talk to your lawer some times they charge a fee to add a bill.

What is the Rhode Island statute of limitations for medical bills?

What is the RI statute of limitations for medical bills? I received a notice from an attorney stating that a law suit against my husband is being made to secure payment of a hospital bill. My husband died April 5, 2005 and we never received a bill of any kind or a phone call informing us that a bill was owed.

Can you file medical bills on a bankruptcy?

Of course. In fact it is the number one cause of BK filings. And file BK on everything you have, assets and debts. Some are exempt from being liquidated or cleared, but you do file them. I had a bill that was not large enough to justify filing for bankruptcy but still difficult to pay. I used to negotiate my 10k medical bill down to 4k. Obviously filing for BK may be the best case if you have very large bills.

Does medical insurance reduce your Social Security portion?

Medical insurance payments to the providers of the services for your medical bill charges would not reduce the amount that medicare will approve for the payment amount charges that they will pay for the services that you have received.

When did Clinton declare bankruptcy?

If you are referring to Hillary and Bill Clinton, neither of them have, singly or as husband and wife, ever filed for bankruptcy.

What car companies have filed for bankruptcy in the past?

bill heard

You have received a bill for medical care that was not provided What can you do?

Dispute it in writing with the company. If it shows as a collection on your credit, contact the three bureaus and dispute it with them.

Average medical bill?

too much, the average medical bill is too much!

Can you file Bankrupcty on medical bills?

Yes, it is one of the most common reasons for bankruptcy filings. But, you must prove to the court that you are unable to repay the debt. Just incurring a medical bill does not entitle someone to successfully file bankruptcy and discharge the bill so you are no longer required to repay it. If by being required to repay the bill would make you homeless and lacking of basic necessities of life you will probably be able to successfully file. On the other hand if the court decides that your situation is such that you could repay - over a period payments and you would still be able to have the basic necessities like food, home, etc. Then a limited form of bankruptcy occurs, called a Chapter 13.

Is bill consolidation a preferable alternative to bankruptcy?

Bill consolidation is a better alternative to bankruptcy. Bankuptcy will go on your credit and has stipulations to being accepted. Bill consolidation will give you a chance to pay off your debts without an adverse effect to your credit score.

Can a collection agency or collector seize a checking account for a medical bill?

== == no they can not do so for a medical bill.

Statue of limitations for medical bill in Florida?

What is the statue of limitations in Florida for a hospital and medical bill?

I had a medical bill 9 yrs ago and a debt collector is just now trying to collect again do i still owe the bill?

Yes you still owe the bill. The only way you would not owe is if you declared bankruptcy and then it would be off your credit report in seven years. Your best bet is to just pay it, or the bill collectors can harass you for the rest of your life!!!!