Can you file chapter 7 jointly with your boyfriend to save on attorney fees you are both pretty strapped for cash?

Gee...what a surprise...I mean you must be the only people filing bankruptcy that are "strapped for cash"! Bet you think that bankruptcy is a solution too?

Listen, bluntly....clearly YOU - in particular - should never try and get away with anything other than having your own independent advisor. You need it. I feel you don't have a clue. (Again, what a surprise your looking to file bankruptcy).

Why would you think people can or should join together for bankruptcy? What are you going to mean you'll take on responsibility for his debts...AND that's what you want to do? (While actually both of your debts go unpaid...and creditors should accept that)? You want to be responsible for any deception or debts he ignores...or assets he hides too? The list goes on...and on. Wow.