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read the info from CC that you should have to see if "def. bal." is covered. OR call CC.

2015-07-15 18:40:57
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Where can one get Christian Credit Counseling?

Christian Debt or Credit Counseling is provided by such companies as Christian Credit Counselors, Family Life Credit, Family Life Resources, and Christian Credit Counsel.

Where can I get free credit counseling in Detroit, MI?

Christian Credit Counseling offers free counseling that may help you. In Detroit, they can be reached at (248) 557-7341.

What companies specialize in consumer credit counseling?

American Consumer Credit Counseling, Horizon Credit Counseling, Christian Debt Counselors and Clear Point Financial Solutions are all consumer credit counseling. Each of these companies is also classified as a non-profit organization.

What does Christian Consumer Credit Counseling provide?

Christian Consumer Credit Counseling provides support for Christians in order to assist them in becoming debt free. These services are useful as the counselors are typically willing to help.

What types of services do Christian debt counselors offer?

Christian debt counselors offer services like Credit Counseling, Debt Management, Financial Coaching, Housing Counseling, Bankruptcy Counseling and Education and resources.

How can one contact a Christian Credit Counseling Service?

One can contact a Christian Credit Counseling Service by contacting their toll free number (080-8332-3523). One can also visit their office, make sure one has a reservation before going.

Where can one find Christian debt counseling?

Debt consolidation care is a great website that offers Christian debt counseling. Family credit also offers some debt counseling and some other local places may also offer this service.

If you allow a car you cosigned for to be repossessed then pay off the balance after it is auctioned will it still affect your credit?

IF you can pay it off AFTER it is sold, it will still show as a repo on your credit. BUT if you can payoff then, pay it off NOW and you get to keep the CAR.

What are the benefits of consumer credit counseling?

The benefits of consumer credit counseling is that you will get some helpful advice on how to get your consumer credit back on track. There are many benefits that come with consumer credit counseling.

Do you have to get credit counseling before you can file for bankruptcy?

You do not have to necessarily get credit counseling before you can file for bankruptcy.

What services are provided by Consolidated Credit Counseling Services Inc?

Consolidated Credit Counseling Services, Inc. offers services such as reduction of credit card payments. Consolidated Credit Counseling Services, Inc. also offers services for debt management solutions and credit and housing counseling opportunities.

What kind of company is Careone Credit Counseling?

Careone Credit Counseling is a debt relief company that helps consumers get out of debt with the help of a trained credit counselor. They also provide credit counseling for those in need.

Where can one get credit card debt counseling services?

Credit card debt counseling services are available from a number of sources. Such sources include Debt Helper, Consumer Credit, and the National Foundation for Credit Counseling.

When was National Foundation for Credit Counseling created?

National Foundation for Credit Counseling was created in 1951-01.

Where can someone get consolidation credit counseling?

You can get consolidation credit counseling online at the ConsolidatedCredit Organization website. Alternatively, you can also get this type of counseling from websites such as ConsumerCredit.

What companies provide credit counseling?

Credit Counseling can be seen as it's own business and there are many place where credit counseling is their only job. Banks usually have options available for someone as well.

What companies offer non profit credit counseling?

The United States Department of Justice website has a list of approved Credit Counseling Agencies by state. Companies likely to offer non-profit credit counseling services include CareOne Debt Relief Services, AAA Fair Credit Foundation, Springboard, Money Management International, American Consumer Credit Counseling, American Financial Solutions, Take Charge America, ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions, InCharge Debt Solutions and Alliance Credit Counseling.

Can you use a credit counseling service to pay the deficiency balance in a repo in nc?

I was a Certified Credit Counselor in the state of North Carolina, and the answer to your question is no. The only accounts that a credit counseling organization will accept are revolving accounts (credit cards), payday loans, utility debts, and medical debts. Repossessions will have to be negotiated between you and the collection agency or lender that has this account.

Is a credit balance an unpaid balance owed?

a "credit balance" is money that you have.

What companies offer credit counseling and debt consolidation services?

There are a couple of companies that offer credit counseling and debt consolidation services. Some of those companies include Car One and Credit Counseling.

Where can one get some consumer credit counseling?

American Consumer Credit Counseling is a nonprofit credit counseling agency that helps consumers take control of their financial lives through credit counseling, debt consolidation, and financial education. Since 1991, we have been improving lives and providing solutions to people in need of financial help debtredemption.

What is the purpose of credit counseling?

The purpose of credit counseling is to let a person know ways to reduce their debt. They also counsel people in ways to stay out of debt. A person might need credit counseling if they are about to file for bankruptcy.

What type of services does the National Foundation for Credit Counseling provide to their clients?

The National Foundation for Credit Counseling provides credit counseling, housing counseling, bankruptcy counseling and education, and financial education to their clients. They also have tools available to help consumers learn to budget, tips on how to save and resources to teach kids how to save.

Is there a credit counseling program that won't ruin your credit score?

Their are several credit improvement programs available online for free. You dont have to report credit counseling services so it shouln't affect your credit score.

If I am a cosigner on a car loan and it gets repo is the owner of the car responsible for the remaining balance after it is auctioned or is it the cosigner's responsibility?

Both are responsible until paid in full. It will also be on both credit reports as well.